Maverick 88 12ga 20" w/ Pistol Grip Kit 31047 - $252

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MFG #: 31047
UPC: 049533310477


MODEL # : 31047

Category: Shotguns
Caliber: 12 GA
Brand: Maverick
UPC: 049533310477
MPN: 31047
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A word of support for Lambo's

A word of support for Lambo's - I just bought a rifle from them a week ago - great service and it was easy to work with them!

Their stock counting system worked for me - I bought something that showed only one left and after I bought it, it showed zero left.

I'd recommend them.

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I bought 2 of these at

I bought 2 of these at Academy for 179.00 each , then bought 2 pistol grips at amazon for 30.00 each and free where is the real deal at???

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buds has 209.00 free ship but

buds has 209.00 free ship but no pistol grip.

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here is the link

here is the link

just showing off our new search that has the price comparison built in, works with manufacturer part numbers or UPCs

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Yes, that would be the 31046

Yes, that would be the 31046 model that we sell for $195.

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didn't see that better price

didn't see that better price thanks!

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Lanbo's picture

Actually, it looks like

Actually, it looks like has it cheaper than us when you factor in shipping (our flat rate is $12). I've never dealt with them but you might give them a shot. $10 is $10 after all.

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I snagged one of these a few

I snagged one of these a few weeks ago. Fast ship and as advertised. If I had it to do over again, I would have gotten the regular 88 without the pistol grip. The grip is hard and painful. I have already replaced it with a Hogue tamer grip for $22ish. Major difference in recoil!!

PS> The Vism shotgun scabbard works perfectly with it. Fits like a glove and has molle attachments on it

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every 12 ga with a pistol

every 12 ga with a pistol grip only will kick like a mule..... although a cheap one, it is still better than not having a shotgun at all...

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Actually the Hogue grip is

Actually the Hogue grip is amazing. barely feel it in my hand. I am a big guy at 6'3" 240lbs. Recoil isn't my concern... It is the pain in my hand that "was" the problem. Seriously, get the Hogue tamber grip, it makes a world of difference!!!!!

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It is in stock. At the time

It is in stock. At the time of this post (and your post) we have one left in stock ready to ship and many more in route from our distributor. Sometimes the list that compares all of our prices will show as out of stock even though it is in stock because that information is pulled from a file we have to update. That file is processed automatically once a day. That's also why sometimes things show as in stock when they're sold out. My website inventory updates instantly after every purchase so be sure to check it out for up-to-the-minute availability or even feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to help any way we can.

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You guys always post out of

You guys always post out of stock stuff!!!!!!

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