Military Match Grade AR-15 M4 Carrying Handle Bead Blast Finish - $17.23 shipped

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Description: offers Military Law Enforcement Match Grade AR-15 M4 Carrying Handle Bead Blast Finish matches your upper receiver. Match grade carrying handle with backup iron sight. With warranty.

Product Features
T6 Aircraft aluminum and steel body
Bead Blast Hard Anodized Finish
Precise windage and elevation adjustment
Match grade quality


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It really depends on the

It really depends on the carry handle. I got this $30 piece of shit for Xmas and according to the person. I got it from it was the last one left. I have never been able to get that pos zeroed in on any rifle. Two other handles tuned right in after a little tweaking. I just don't get it. Maybe I will sell it in Amazon and let some other sucker figure the damn thing out lol.

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I hate carry handles they

I hate carry handles they shoot like shit compared to MBUS

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7 votes

spend a few bucks more on

spend a few bucks more on UTG. I was pleasantly surprised with that one and they don't mislead you by calling it "Match grade". In this case, "Match grade" just means it matches your black rifle.

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Virgle's picture

More and more people have

More and more people have discovered that it is not that hard to have things made in China at very low rates. The custom broker fees add a lot to small orders. But, it is possible to order just 2-5000 and get prices that will so low you can't comprehend . But, the quality control is the problem. That would be my guess here. Poor bastard.

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I wasn't quite sure about the

I wasn't quite sure about the quality of this handle until I read "match grade" for the 3rd time. That's a bold statement about the grade of this $19 carrying handle. Once? Hardly worth mentioning. Twice? Now we have something special. Three times? Cock of the fucking walk.

Oh...knowing it's ALSO "law enforcement grade" makes it a matching set with my ammo, range bag, eye protection, and pastry holder.

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They just needed "tactical"

They just needed "tactical" for the triumvirate...

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Johnmoses's picture

These are horrible.

These are horrible.

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Fun fact, anyone can use the

Fun fact, anyone can use the term "match grade" regardless of the item's quality.

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I tried one on a cheap basic

I tried one on a cheap basic Ar-15 build, and the thing doesn't even tighten on my upper. Had to lightly file down the base to get it to keep from sliding forward and back.......rating : D+

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I also bought one at one

I also bought one at one time. I could not get it to sight in correctly. I had to adjust the rear sight beyond its ability.

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