Mossberg Jerry Miculek Pro 12ga 24" 10 Shot 85118 - $539.99

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•Signature Series Autoloader built to the demanding requirements of 8-time USPSA National 3-Gun Champion & multiple shooting title holder Jerry Miculek
•Features dual gas system for recoil reduction & cycling ease, beveled loading gate, shortened forend for ease of loading, barrel clamp for extended mag tube stability, Accu-set (Full/Mod./Imp.Cyl.) chokes, engraved receiver, extended knurled charging handle for bolt retraction, vent ribbed barrel w/fiber optic front sight, & quick-empty magazine button for unloading
•Matte blue finish
•Black synthetic stock
•14" LOP
•Includes gun lock & 2-Year Limited Warranty

MFR# 85118
UPC: 015813851183
Ga: 12 3"
Capacity: 10
Barrel: 24" VR
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SKU 27150

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Category: Shotguns
Caliber: 12GA
Brand: Mossberg
UPC: 015813851183
MPN: 85118

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Mine runs great, but a lot of

Mine runs great, but a lot of the other guys at matches who are using the JMs have failures regularly.

I got a good one, just keep in mind they can have a high lemon rate. But, there's also a pretty good amount of knowledge on forums for easy fixes and mods to improve reliability.

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0 votes

I picked one of these up for

I picked one of these up for my wife and it has been awesome!! It has shot everything and ANYTHING she and I have ran through it! I picked up a Benelli M4 2 years ago bc I wanted the best! If I could go back, I would buy this gun and buy lots of ammo with all the money I saved! I love my M4 just way over priced! I don't know we're all the bad reviews come from! But the one we have is AWESOME! Great gun!

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0 votes

Put 100 rounds of Walmart

Put 100 rounds of Walmart Federal Birdshot through it without any issue.

2 votes
0 votes

Thanks, i was wondering was

Thanks, i was wondering was to expect

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0 votes

Why are 2012 and 13 comments

Why are 2012 and 13 comments favorable, but 2014 stop short of calling jam-o-matic, at least with low brass... Did anything change in the making, or is it that now enough people had shot it back then?

0 votes
0 votes

Buy a used Benelli, anything

Buy a used Benelli, anything but this. I had one of these exact shotties and it was a maddening experience to say the least. Constant failure to feeds and jams all over the board. I simply could not isolate the problem. Send it in, 5 weeks later it returned, a little better, only give me a problem every 30 shells instead of every 10. I ended up selling it and charged a Benelli M4 on a CC. I know we are comparing a $500 gun to a $1700 gun, but over 400+ shells later from unboxing and not one problem. Not a failure of any sort using all kinds of shells from Walmart even. Low/High, did not matter;chewed 'em up like a T-Rex. I cannot recommend the 930 of any sort and though I could deal with the problems I read about since it was so inexpensive. Nope.

1 vote
0 votes

Just because it is cheap does

Just because it is cheap does not mean it is good. I would never rely on this weapon to protect my families lives. NEVER! Too many issues. It only takes one FTF to cause the death of yourself or a family member. Spend a little more for a VersaMax, FN, and if you have the money, the ultimate Benelli M4. If all you want it is a cheap semi auto shotty for hitting cans, sure buy this and then 'experiment.' I would much rather use my 500 than this and my 500 is the last item in my armory I would use for HP. Do not allow money to convince you otherwise.

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you'll be much happier buying

you'll be much happier buying the Stoeger M3000 & put an extended Mag tube on it. I compete with guys who use these JM's & they experience multiple failures during the matches.

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I bought the 22" version for

I bought the 22" version for the same price at a gun show one month ago. I bought about a dozen varieties of high and low brass shells to test it out. Multiple failures with low brass...some brands worse than others. Disassembled it an cleaned it completely, now I experience far fewer failures. At this point I'm not convinced of the reliability of this gun. I cannot recommend it.

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I want to give an update to

I want to give an update to this comment. Fired about 300 more rounds through it after the cleaning/oiling. Used low brass, high brass, magnum buck shot, and slugs. It cycled reliable with high brass, magnum buck shots, and slugs. Got mixed results with the low brass...mostly reliable, but low recoil failed to extract 100% of the time. Winchester and Federal 100 round value packs were 80-90% reliable. This is probably the least expensive semi-auto on the market and I say it's reliable as long as you clean/oil it when you take it out of the box and avoid low recoil ammo.

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thanks for the update. was

thanks for the update. was hoping for a bit more, even with the cheap shells.

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There's a brand called Estate

There's a brand called Estate that is about the same price as the Winchester and Federal value packs. Estate worked flawlessly. It's about $0.26 per shell. I'll post a review somewhere.

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1 vote

I had similar experience with

I had similar experience with CZ 712. Now running a Beretta 1301 Comp 21". Very happy with it, it runs everything. Has about 700 rounds through it so far without a teardown cleaning. (I lightly oil it and knock the big chunks of carbon out of the action). You know what they once cry once...

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Sub-$600 was my buy price. I

Sub-$600 was my buy price. I know it's been a little cheaper, but this gun is pretty hard to find in stock, so I jumped. $635 with shipping and transfer fee.

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0 votes

dang, cant remember what I

dang, cant remember what I paid for mine but this is a decent price.

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0 votes

back in stock at PSA

back in stock at PSA

1 vote
0 votes

Good deal for an awesome

Good deal for an awesome shotgun. Shoots extremely fast and reliable as hell. Shot about 500 rounds of wally world birdshots out of mine and not a single failure. Absolutely luv this gun. 930 JM pro will go toe to toe with euro autoloaders that cost three times as much as it.

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great deal, they will sell

great deal, they will sell out fast

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