New Ruger 10/22 Takedown Rifle (Video) - In stock at several Vendors

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Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is proud to introduce the Ruger 10/22 Takedown™. Readily separated into two subassemblies, the Ruger 10/22 Takedown offers a convenient transport and storage option for the popular Ruger® 10/22®. As reliable and accurate as every 10/22, the Ruger 10/22 Takedown makes it even easier to keep America's favorite rimfire rifle by your side.

The barrel and forend of the Ruger 10/22 Takedown are easily separated from the action and buttstock by pushing a recessed lever, twisting the subassemblies, and pulling them apart. Reassembly is the reverse of takedown, and is quick and easy. The friction fit lockup of the assembly joint is simple to adjust, but will rarely need re-adjustment after the first assembly. The lockup is secure and repeatable, ensuring an accurate return to zero, even when receiver-mounted optics are used.

The Ruger 10/22 Takedown is shipped in a ballistic nylon backpack-style case that features internal sleeves which hold the subassemblies. External pockets with MOLLE webbing provide storage for magazines, ammunition, and other accessories. Multiple attachment points for the padded, single shoulder strap offer different carrying options.

The 4.67-pound Ruger 10/22 Takedown is 37" long when assembled; each subassembly is less than 20 1/4" long when disassembled. Utilizing the standard 10/22 action and ten round rotary magazine (one magazine is provided), the Ruger 10/22 Takedown offers legendary 10/22 reliability in a compact and portable package.

RUK1022-TD Ruger 10/22 Takedown 22 LR
Catalog Number: K10/22-TD
Model Number: 11100
Suggested Retail: $389.00

In Stock at Pistol and Pawn for $299.99 + S/H

GrabaGun has them in stock for $308 + $6 S/H (Out of Stock)

Joe Bob Outfitters has them in stock for $322 shipped

Available at Turners stores in California

Watch Video Here

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MPN: 11100
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I ordered one a couple days

I ordered one a couple days ago, I can't wait to get it!!!! It's crazy because I was in the market for a good takedown 22lr and was just about to get the Marlin Papoose the same day this was announced, perfect timing.

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Ruger Takedown in-stock at

Ruger Takedown in-stock at Joe Bob for $322.95 shipped

also in stock at Bud's for $350 (Vip only)

Edit - now back in stock at Larry's Pistol and Pawn for $299 + S/H

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Just picked one up yesterday!

Just picked one up yesterday! $299 at Turners. :D

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How the hell is this a deal?

How the hell is this a deal? No price or dealer specifically listed, just a video and some comments. Jeez.

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jjmIII_Ruger's picture

It's NOT posted in the

It's NOT posted in the "deals" section. Those that can read will notice the item is listed in the "news" section. It's "news" that a new rifle is available.

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1) Don't recall it being

1) Don't recall it being posted in the News section initially - first time I saw it was as a deal. Granted, it might've been posted to News in the first place and I just missed it.

2) I never really saw the News section as anything more than a "top deals" section but after clicking through and seeing it as a single list I can definitely see it's full of news... and deals. Thanks for the heads up, though!

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jjmIII_Ruger's picture

Hope I didn't sound harsh.

Hope I didn't sound harsh.

Your right though, the "deals" in the "news" section is odd.

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0 votes

No harm done - it's just the

No harm done - it's just the interwebs, after all! :)

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0 votes

It's a deal because they had

It's a deal because they had them in stock ;) If you want a deal, you had better be prepared to wait as these have sold out almost everywhere. I just wish they came with threaded barrel :(

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0 votes

No, I get that a store having

No, I get that a store having the gun in stock (even at MSRP or above) could qualify as a deal. This post didn't mention a dealer, though; it just had an announcement of the product.

I don't know enough about guns to know the value of a threaded barrel (though I do know enough about the internet to Google it) but I think I can safely say I won't be buying one of these in the near future. From what I've heard, the Ruger 10/22 is a fine item if you're into (heavy) customization but as far as economy goes the Marlin 60 (795?) beats it hands down and comes with better quality out of the box.

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another cool video of the new

another cool video of the new Ruger Takedown

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In stock at GrabaGun for $308

This is gonna be a slam dunk

This is gonna be a slam dunk hit for Ruger, I could see this being more popular than, say, the Marlin Papoose, or the Henry AR-7. The take down capabilities of both of those rifles, with the reliability of the 10/22, and it's accessories and magazines. A PERFECT survival/truck/boat/cabin rifle. I can't wait to get my hands on one.

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OMG and it has iron sights,

OMG and it has iron sights, unlike the Ruger American. It appears that the carry bag is nicely made. I so want one. Cabela's is not stocking them yet, apparently they are negotiating a price with Ruger. Bass Pro hasn't received them yet either...

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