Plum Crazy AR-15 Lower Receiver - Pink - $129.99

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THIS IS THE HOTTEST NEW AR-15 BUILD PRODUCT ON THE MARKET. WE HAVE TRIED THEM AND WE LOVE THEM... PlumCrazy Firearms Complete Light Weight Lower With 6 position Collapsible Stock, Semi-Automatic. This Complete AR15 Lower is engineered using fiber reinforced composite material, more resilient to damage than aluminum. These lower receivers have been extensively tested and proven in both semi-auto and full automatic configurations.

HK, FN, Bushmaster and Glock all used polymers to bring their products into the new millennium. This AR-15 Lower sets the standard for the next generation of AR shooting enthusiasts!! The lower has an aluminum buffer tube. It also has a high velocity composite trigger mechanism with a crisp break at around 4.5 pounds and no perceived creep. These lowers are the best value bar none on the market today.We have tried these lowers on a wide range of uppers and they perform great. Weighs approximately ½ that of Forged Aluminum Receiver Durability surpasses forged aluminum receiver Impervious to chemicals including acids, fuels and salts. Reduced wear properties and no color loss from wear Engineered for acceptance of Mil-Spec Parts (less winter trigger). Complete with buttstock and lower parts kit. THE PLUMCRAZY FIREARMS LOWER COMES WITH A LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY!!!

We offer 2 options to suit your need, preference or gender, Original Matte Black if you are a macho guy like me, or Posy Pink for your wife, girlfriend, or if you just want to explore your feminine side. Seriously, don't let the color or the humor fool you, these thing are tough as nails, accept uppers with no wedging or spacing, and perform flawlessly. They are getting great reviews throughout the industry and are starting to gain ground in the Police and Military market... Get yours today.

Personal Note - As an old school traditionalist I have an aversion to anything that is basically all polymer. Especially a hammer that strikes a pin over and over. But we have clients who have shot literally thousands of rounds through these and even one guy who uses plum crazy receivers and shoots thousands of rounds with his bump fire full auto replicating stock. He swears by these and so far they have held up and performed flawlessly.

Item #: lng-PC-ARL-P

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 223/5.56
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