Plum Crazy Polymer COMPLETE AR-15 Lowers - $99.95

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In Stock - Use coupon code SlickGuns for 5% off your order for the total price of $113 95 shipped. Orders over $90 ship for free - Smoking Hot - By Far the most advanced composite AR 15 lower on the market today, and at a price anyone can afford. This AR-15 composite lower should mate on ALL milspec AR15 uppers and is ready to "pin on" with this product code. The color options are as follows: Black, Dark Earth, and Pink. The composite lower will remain black but the pistol grip and butt stock will be the respective color chosen (Black, Dark Earth or Pink) at check out. Dark Earth and Pink add $10 to cost.

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Category: Rifles
Caliber: 223/5.56

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i have 2 of these lowers. I

i have 2 of these lowers. I have ran 1200 rounds through them< and no problems what so ever. they are great, and with the lifetime warranty it's better than candy.
i'm trying to figure out how to juistify buying another one with the delton m4 uppers. there is no slop and just a crisp trigger pull. it's a keeper.

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I'm thinking that the Chiappa

I'm thinking that the Chiappa upper is not mil spec and not the plum crazy. I had several uppers, (DPMS, custom JSE and a Del-Ton and it worked fine with all of them)

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Don't get this expecting 'mil

Don't get this expecting 'mil spec'. It won't pair with some uppers due to the hammer being out of spec. You'll have to order a new hammer and install to make it work. Specifically with Chiappas .22 uppers.

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Chiappas .22 uppers and this don't do well

This is a good price with the free shipping but I have not yet had any success with mine and the Chippas .22LR M4-22 Upper even after switching to the Blowback hammer. Every 3rd shot FTE or FTF. The upper worked far better with another brand traditional lower.Still a good price with the free shipping as long as your not using a Chippa M4-22 upper.

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Hey guys I got around to

Hey guys I got around to getting one of these and paired it with dti upper 500 rounds with pmags in one day.I am very impressed so far will be getting at least one more.

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