PMC X-TAC 5.56x45 mm, 62-gr. M855 500 Rnds - $223.24

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Price: $223.24
Price per round: $0.446
@Sportsman's Guide

One coupon per order - You want high velocity and hard-hitting ammo... look no further! Huge 3,020 F.P.S. delivers massive power. Current production. Great for plinking and target shooting too!
Shooter's touch:
Brass cased
Boxer primed
Non corrosive
Full metal jacket
Muzzle energy: 1,255 ft. lbs.
Stock No. 181279

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Category: Ammo
Caliber: 223/5.56
UPC: 741569010126
SKU: 556K
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Cabela's$8.99In stockFree in-store Pickup
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Only 1 coupon per order


Was cheaper 2 months ago....

Was cheaper 2 months ago....

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let my membership expire.

let my membership expire. good luck tryin to get ammo within 6 months. not worth the hassle and expense of membership.

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protondecay123's picture

Let me guess "Backorderable".

Let me guess "Backorderable". Would never buy another item from this vendor. You will never know when you may or may not get it.

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shows out of stock

shows out of stock

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Now I remember why I don't

Now I remember why I don't buy from Sportsman's Guide anymore. I placed an order this morning when it was in stock and just received an email that it's on backorder until November. Lame as always!

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Strange.....i've ordered 3

Strange.....i've ordered 3 times in the last month and never received such an email.
The trick is too buy a case......its the last part of their deals to sell out.
Free shipping as well.......and got 16 bucks off my last order for updating my membership.
Unbeatable..... :)

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I stand corrected....the 1000

I stand corrected....the 1000 round cases sold out first!
Good deal!

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They were under $350 per case

They were under $350 per case pre panic. Still a little ways to go but we're getting there.

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Awesome.....used the monthly

Awesome.....used the monthly coupon for 395.00 for a thousand rounds.
Take that all you jag offs that stalk walmart at 5 am !'

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Thanks good deal for this

Thanks good deal for this ammo, thanks for posting!

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Those of us with 1/7 twists

Those of us with 1/7 twists who've been waiting for 62gr below 40cpr here it is...

Who can argue 1000 rounds of it shipped for $390?

Thanks for a legitimate posting.

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Noob here... what is 40cpr?

Noob here... what is 40cpr?

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cents per round. This isn't

cents per round.

This isn't rocket science.

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Cost per round?

Cost per round?

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In for a box of 500. Thanks!

In for a box of 500.


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