550 Rounds (11 Boxes) PMC 9mm 9 mm 115 Grain FMJ Ammo - $144.89 after $20 off $150 + Free in-store pickup

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Price: $144.89
Price per round: $0.263

1 Cent Shipping - Add select Cabela's / Herter's Branded Products and everything ships for a penny (ammo included) with coupon code 84PENNY - Non-expanding, deep-penetrating bullet has a lead core enclosed by a strong metal jacket. It provides smooth, reliable feeding in all types of semiautomatic handguns. All PMC cartridges must pass through rigorous inspection at an electronic powder check station. This station accurately measures the propellant charge in each round. If the propellant in any cartridge varies by just two tenths of one grain, the system stops and that cartridge is discarded. No other ammunition manufacturer can truthfully assure you greater uniformity and reliability. Per 50.
Item: IK-217043

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Category: Ammo
Caliber: 9mm
UPC: 741569070270

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9mm ammo cost $10 at one

9mm ammo cost $10 at one time. Now it costs $14-$15. Deal with it or stop shooting. I suppose by the same reasoning I'm an "idiot" if I pay more than $2/gallon for gas?

2 votes
2 votes

I bought eleven boxes and had

I bought eleven boxes and had them shipped to the store for free pick-up plus I used the $20.00 off coupon they sent me the other day. I feel like I got a great deal as there are no 9mm rounds to be found in the small town I live in. I will take the wife for a nice evening out when we go pick up the shells so it is a win-win situation fro me. Heck a 70 mile drive is no big deal when you get a great night out and 550 rounds of shells.

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Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

Sorry to hear that you have

Sorry to hear that you have to be taken advantage of like this. It's kinda like Stockholm syndrome, Cabella's has been your captor and ammo rapist for so long you've actually started to enjoy it. Paying $15 for a $10 of box pmc bronze is a travesty and shows what Cabella's really thinks about it's customers. Of course who can blame them, it's a free market isn't it?...and capitalism shines brightest when its taking advantage of idiots. But here we are almost a year post Lanza and more than 6 months after a the proposed ban was shot down and some of you are still eating out of the rapist retailers hands. It appears most of you are in some dazed state, confused and walking around with your wallets out like zombies begging these assholes to take your money. Mumbling how $15 9mm Bronze is a deal when it absolutely IS NOT. You all need to be shaken. YOU NEED TO WAKE UP.

1 vote
4 votes
FunkAmmo's picture

I hope i don't get too many

I hope i don't get too many Unicorns in response to this. But as a retailer you can thank the distributers for this. I don't know what others charge but my distributor which happens to be pretty big is charging $11-14 for the cheap range ammo per box. Take it as is, but thats the truth. I dont know how the big-boys (cabelas, sportsmans guide etc..) get their stuff. But retailers are paying through the roof now also. We pay when we can find it (which we never do.) Its crazy to think that this market is still so dried up. My ammo shelves are bare. Everyday i think ok today it will end, but no the shortage continues.

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They won't let the price go

They won't let the price go below 30cents a round for new 9mm, price fixing.

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0 votes

I feel your frustration,

I feel your frustration, buddy. but no need to vent it on another poster. he said there was no 9mm in his small town, and using the coupon his per box cost actually ended up being around $13. not great, but not "rapist retailer" prices either. so chill and don't be an ass.

8 votes
1 vote

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