PMC Bronze .40S&W 165gr FMJ 50 rounds - $17.99 ($5 S/H over $99 w/coupon)

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Price: $17.99
Price per round: $0.360

Coupon "45FLAT" for $5 S/H over $99 EXCLUDES FIREARMS - Non-expanding, deep-penetrating bullet has a lead core enclosed by a strong metal jacket. It provides smooth, reliable feeding in all types of semiautomatic handguns. All PMC cartridges must pass through rigorous inspection at an electronic powder check station. This station accurately measures the propellant charge in each round. If the propellant in any cartridge varies by just two tenths of one grain, the system stops and that cartridge is discarded. No other ammunition manufacturer can truthfully assure you greater uniformity and reliability. Per 50.
Item number#: IK-217043
.40 Smith & Wesson 165 Grain FMJ

Amount: 50
Category: Ammo
Caliber: 40S&W
Brand: PMC Ammunition
UPC: 741569070430
MPN: 40D
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39 votes
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Coupon Code: Text Join to 247365
$10 OFF $50
Expiration date: Unknown expiration
Coupon Code: 45FLAT
Expiration date: 2015-04-29 23:59:59

Cabela's offers free in-store pickup on most items.

Cabela's Filler Item - 99 cents Cabela's Filler Item

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$3.99 Clothing FILLER

$4.88 Clothing Filler


Theres a cabelas in almost

Theres a cabelas in almost every state but just one and it happens to be nowhere near me so factor in shipping and tax and its a standard price for me

2 votes
0 votes

What people on here vote good

What people on here vote good or bad makes no damn sense !! This is the best price on brass 40 s&w ammo ive seen in 6 months and yet it has more neg than positive votes. Don't know what people are thinking !!

4 votes
5 votes

Lots of people on here expect

Lots of people on here expect for the vendors to lose money in order to get a thumbs up lol.

2 votes
1 vote
Gcracker3000's picture

This is what I'm paying at

This is what I'm paying at Wally World right now for WWB and I don't have to worry about sky high shipping prices.

3 votes
0 votes

The anons strike again.

The anons strike again. Cowards.

3 votes
1 vote

If the down votes can let us

If the down votes can let us know where they're getting 40 cal brass FMJs for UNDER $17 a box then I'm all ears.

5 votes
1 vote
ATIMATIK's picture

Freedom Munitions.

Freedom Munitions.

3 votes
0 votes

Freedom Munitions sells

Freedom Munitions sells Remanufactured Ammo. They are also out of stock on every 40S&W they sell. Try again.

4 votes
1 vote
ATIMATIK's picture

They pretty consistently are

They pretty consistently are in stock, I'd say on a weekly basis they will either run out or be back in stock (give or take). I didn't bother looking at their stock status but it doen't matter as they are constantly remanufacturing and reineventorying so you don't have have to wait long. I have gotten 3 orders of 500 rounds each and the rounds look beautiful. So what if they are remanufactured, as long as they hold tight tolerances in their operation they will be every bit as good and most likely even better than factory mass produces ammo. Anyway, was trying to help out as they consistently have (or extremely close to) the cheapest price per round of anyone I've seen and their shipping prices are completely reasonable.

3 votes
2 votes



All the way down the line. So how's that better?

1 vote
1 vote
ATIMATIK's picture

Man you people are harsh...

Man you people are harsh... I said give it a week and check back. They remanufacture and regularly re-inventory; people I guess are snatching the stuff up quickly because their prices are very good. Only trying to help here guys. Us defenders of the 2nd amendment should be sticking together more.

3 votes
1 vote

They hate Cabela's. That's

They hate Cabela's. That's pretty much the reason. It could be free from Cabela's and they would still thumb it down or complain about the shipping.

8 votes
2 votes

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