PMC X-Tac Rifle Ammunition 55gr - $7.99 ($5 S/H over $99 w/coupon)

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Price: $7.99
Price per round: $0.400

Coupon "45FLAT" for $5 S/H over $99 EXCLUDES FIREARMS - PMC’s exacting adherence to the precise specifications of military and law-enforcement organizations assures you of reliability. Depend on this ammo for powerful, accurate performance at a money-saving price. Per 20.
Item: IK-218426

Amount: 20
Category: Ammo
Brand: PMC Ammunition
UPC: 741569010115
MPN: xp193
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Coupon Code: Text Join to 247365
$10 OFF $50
Expiration date: Unknown expiration
Coupon Code: 45FLAT
Expiration date: 2015-04-29 23:59:59

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man i remember i bought these

man i remember i bought these for 30cent/bullet last summer, now its50cent+shipping, increase of 70%

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Cabella's blows goats, lemme

Cabella's blows goats, lemme tell you why. I know this will be unpopular because lots of people here thoroughly enjoy riding their nuts and all, but I haven't seen a real deal from Cabella's ever. First, Their deals are mediocre at best, making them not even deals, especially for how big of an outfit they are. It's ridiculous. Any deal anyone posts for them can be beaten with either a little research or a little wait. With their purchasing power they should be providing way better offers than the crap that gets posted here. Take this deal for example. I just got 1k of this for $390 shipped last week from SG. This deal is GARBAGE yet it has 57 nutrider up votes. Smaller outfits are constantly crushing these guys. This NATIONAL, multimillion dollar retailer has never, EVER run PMAGS for $8.99. Yet for some reason people still continue to eat out of their hands. Second, they offer bullshit shipping deals like shipping for a penny, but you have to unload some crappy clothing they can't sell or pay a $4 "padding charge"...WTF? Meanwhile theere are companies much smaller offering FREE shipping on stuff all the time. You telling me Cabella's cant afford to offer free shipping. You can do the $5 club member BS but places like Palmetto ship for $7 reguardless, no membership needed.

Last and definitely not least, Cabella's is the the ONLY retailer with the stones to advertise something as STUPID as "free in store pick up".. and people praise it!!! I mean really, are we that fucking stupid to be impressed by that? WTF else would it be?

Whatever I guess. Shop here if you want but I don't know why you want to. Oh that's right, free in store

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Someone call a Whambulance!

Someone call a Whambulance!

8 votes
2 votes

Sure thing, whats your

Sure thing, whats your address?

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Someone's pretty angry. 1.

Someone's pretty angry. 1. What do you care if you don't shop there? 2. It's not your money. But, I agree with you...not a deal. but then i don't care 'cause I ain't buyin' it and its not my money.

Have you not been paying attention to ANY posts on this site regardless of ammo, rifles, handguns, knives, shotties, accessories, etc...? There really aren't a lot of real "deals" on here. Far and few between in fact. Maybe those 57 up-votes ammo in their locality is more than .50 cents a round. I don't know.

I do know in my area gander mountain is way overpriced like this (0.42 cents a round for Rem UMC 9mm as an example. I went just yesterday), Cabelas too, Walmart has NO ammo still(not even 100 pack federal 12 gauge), local FFL is way more expensive than all, Bass pro only allows one box per caliber a day (Stupid asses), and academy sports is overpriced too with a box limit of two per. So, i can see depending on your market why this might be a value to some...but certainly not me.

Maybe not judge and just relish in the fact that you can get ammo for such a great price. by the way..cabelas had Magtech blueline 9mm for .028 cents a round tonight, pmc 9 pellet 12 gauge buckshot for $3.29 a box, and 357 mag for .39 cents a round so considering my market that is a pretty good deal for $5.00 ship OR pick up at store. To each his own.

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I hear ya. Not angry man,

I hear ya. Not angry man, just trying to wake some folks up. Truth is, we'll be paying these prices forever as long as people continue to support these companies mark ups. I just wish people would wake up, stand up and say enough! Make change with their wallets, it would benefit all of us. The retailers have got their fill. It's time to turn the tables.

Also, my options are the same as everyone else. I just use my head and choose NOT to choose the poor ones. Like you say, to each his own, until their poor choices inflate the market for no other reason except insanity. Then we end up in the situation we're in where everyone loses.

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Absolutely right man. The

Absolutely right man. The reason Cabela's keep posting these at $9.99 is people keep buying them at that price. Me? I pick and choose and only pull the trigger on the "Real Deals". Like the herters brass case....or even the poly case for plinking (didn't like the herters poly case at first but I went with a Wolf spring and an "O" ring on the extractor and shoots the poly like it was brass now)...and some remans from HSM. i never pay .50 a round regardless of grain and powder. I haven't bought 223\556 from Cabelas in a while...but other calibers I do. I save my good ammo for hunting or when the need arises...system works well for me. I found all these posts frustrating as well at first...then I just let it go. Is what it is. I just sift through the dirt now. Good luck man. Good find on the .39 cents a round by the way. best I have found anywhere is .43 cents a round for 223 55 grain brass case. Stay armed and stay safe...they go hand in hand. Peace.

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stewj21's picture

.50 per round not a deal.

.50 per round not a deal. .223 is fairly easy to find so I'm not sure why this keeps getting posted as a deal since several places have it at that price.

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I believe it is 5.56 and not

I believe it is 5.56 and not .223.

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stewj21's picture

Yes, it is 5.56 so thanks for

Yes, it is 5.56 so thanks for the correction however the point of the .50 per round price stands. I am seeing .37 per round XTAC and PMC Bronze so it remains a mystery as to the posting of expensive ammo on a site designed for the best deals.

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Than can you please post

Than can you please post those deals haha

6 votes
1 vote
stewj21's picture

The deals were posted. Pay

The deals were posted. Pay closer attention and you'll see more deals like the one from Sportmans Guide which was $370. per case of 1000 (X-TAC) with free shipping. It was just posted two days ago.Try not to be a dick and someone may lead you by the hand to the next deal.

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3 votes

Look at GrabaGuns price.

Look at GrabaGuns price. Gouging in true Cheaper than dirt style. Ashamed they are both Texas companies.

4 votes
2 votes
stewj21's picture

Remember those who would

Remember those who would screw you in times of need because the hysteria will be over a few weeks. Went through this back during Clinton's first term but the internet sales weren't that popular then. Make note of the jerks and don't do business with them again. I was also disappointed at places like for pricing PMAGs at $39.99 each. Never forget!

7 votes
1 vote

Wow 5.56 rounds actually in

Wow 5.56 rounds actually in stock at a semi reasonable price!!! Can't believe it.

3 votes
4 votes

Shocked? Ummm.... They've had



They've had both this and Federal Brown Box in stock at this price for weeks....still in-stock.

The panic is over. The impulse buying is over. Folks have finally realized that there will be NOTHING banned so there's no reason to make their impulse buy. The hoarders have stopped buying too. Slowly and surely the prices are coming back down to earth. Cabelas even had Federal Brown Box on sale to $8.49 just a week ago and didn't sell out.

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stewj21's picture

I agree. Cabela's is not

I agree. Cabela's is not generally my first choice for ammo however due to their willingess to provide a hard to find item and not jack up the price I will shop there more often. Ordered 300 rounds today.

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Picked up 300 myself, shocked

Picked up 300 myself, shocked they have this in stock at that price!

2 votes
2 votes

I'm just wondering when we

I'm just wondering when we will get our, "we regret to inform you that we are out of stock on back order" emails. I've gotten it from two other places I ordered two days ago.

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stewj21's picture

Cabela's confirmation email

Cabela's confirmation email already received on my purchase. Expected delivery on 12/31/12 but they usually deliver a couple of days early.

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