Polish AK-47 Pistol 7.62x39 with (1) 75rd Drum and (2) 30RD Mags #AKAGUN-POLHP - $399.99 shipped

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Polish AK-47 Pistol 7.62x39 with (2) 30RD Mags


• Manufactured in Poland by Radom
• 7.62x39
• High Capacity
• Semi-Auto
• 11.5" Barrel with Muzzle Brake

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Category: Handguns
Caliber: 7.62x39mm

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Can't find a re/manufacturer

Can't find a re/manufacturer so I couldn't speak to the quality, but this looks like a pretty cheap intro to an SBR.. especially considering a lot of other places are selling base guns for $600.
(Assuming it has an underfolder trunnion).

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OOS ...

OOS ...

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Spaceman's picture

Am I the only one that can't

Am I the only one that can't get to their website?

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Web site finally back online

Web site finally back online at around 1:10AM PST. Ordered 2pcs and there appears to be 70pcs left in stock.

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Had one of these in my cart

Had one of these in my cart around 8:00PM PST then encountered a server error while trying to check out. The rest of their site seemed to be working OK for the last hour or so but now the entire site is down. Dangit...I need to get my order in!

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WOW, this is truly a good

WOW, this is truly a good deal. If you figure the drum mags sell normally for $79.99 and the two 30 round mags will run you $12.99 each that means your getting the gun for only $294 and FREE shipping. I ordered 3, and I'm gonna sell 2 of the guns with one 30 round mag each. I'll ask $400 for the guns after the holidays and I wont have no trouble getting it. That way I get a gun for myself for $399 plus I got to keep 3 Drum mags, and 4 x 30 round mags.

So in the end I keep:
3x Drum Mags = $240(79.99 each)
4x 30 Round mags = $52(12.99 each)
Total = $292 in just mags and I paid $399 for the gun, so in actuality my gun that I keep will have only cost me $107 bucks, lol

P.S. They only have 79 left in stock, will prob sell out

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With the mags, this is a

With the mags, this is a screaming deal.... Im personally not into ak pistols, but this is basically 300 bucks for one if you factor in the mags

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AK pistols are fun for about

AK pistols are fun for about 15 minutes. At this price you can enjoy it for a bit and have no problem selling it off.

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I agree these get old quick.

I agree these get old quick. They are impractical without a stock.

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These are getting terrible

These are getting terrible reviews, so now they are throwing in a drum to move them.

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where did you find reviews ?

where did you find reviews ? i'm interested in buying one and would like to see some feedback. Thanks

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Only issue I've seen while

Only issue I've seen while firing one of these is the rails & BCG may need some polishing as well as the bullet guide. My friends would sometimes slightly hang right before going into battery. He checked it and found the rounds were leaving copper on the edge of the bullet guide, which means it needs some polishing on the edge, Other than that, it ran fine. He was using HP Wolf ammo. The FMJ Wolf & Tula worked fine though.

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