21 Most Affordable AR-10 Rifles 7.62x51mm - From $850 - $1200

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Build Your Own AR-10 Rifle for around $700

AR-10 Rifles Under $1000

1 - DPMS RFLRWCP LR-308 Sportical AR-10 308 Win 16" 19+1 No Forward Assist or Dust Cover

DPMS Sportical

2 - DPMS RFLROC LR-308 Oracle AR-10 Semi-Auto 308 Win 16" 19+1 includes Forward Assist and Dust Cover

MMR Hunter

3 - DPMS RFLRC LR-308 Classic AR-10 Semi-Auto 308 Win 20" 19+1 A2 Stk Black

Bushmaster Carbon 15

4 - DPMS RFLR308B LR-308 Bull AR-10 Semi-Auto 308 Win 18" 19+1 A2 Stk Blk

Del-Ton DT Sport

5 - DPMS RFLROCATACS Oracle AR-10 LR-308 SA 308 Win 16" 19+1 6 Pos Stk ATACS Camo


6 - DPMS RFLR308T LR-308 T Carbine AR-10 Semi-Auto 308 Win 16" 19+1 A2 Stk Black


7 - DPMS RFLR308 LR-308 Long Range AR-10 Semi-Auto 308 Win 24" 19+1 A2 Stk Black

WW Carbon

8 - DPMS RFLRG2AP4 GII AP4 SA 308 Win/7.62 NATO 16" 20+1 AP4 Stk Black ($50 Rebate Available)

WW Carbon

AR-10 Rifles Under $1200

9 - DPMS RFLRAP4 LR-308 AR-10 AP4 SA 308 Win 16" 19+1 Syn Stk Blk

Core15 Optics Ready

10 - Bushmaster 90702 XM-10 AR-10 ORC Carbine SA 308 Win 16" 20+1 6 Pos Blacko

DPMS Panther Oracle

11 - DPMS RFLRG2B24 GII Bull Semi-Auto 308 Winchester/7.62 NATO 24" 20+1 A2 Stk Black

Core15 Optics Ready

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NOMAD91's picture

Can we get the pa 10 in here?

Can we get the pa 10 in here?

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I own the DPMS RFLROC LR-308

I own the DPMS RFLROC LR-308 Oracle. I knew when I purchased it what it was, an entry level 308. After happily shooting it for a yr, I upgraded to freefloated rail. I can bang 8" steel out to 600 yards (That is the lenght of range). And the money I saved I bought alot of ammo.
I'd purchase again!

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I own the dpms lr-t its nice

I own the dpms lr-t its nice but i wish i went with the 24inch long range model

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All those DPMS rifles listed

All those DPMS rifles listed and no G IIs?

edit:My bad, ONE.

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