Wolf 240 rounds 55 - grain HP .223 Ammo - $62.69 (Free S/H No Minimum w/ coupon)

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Price: $62.69
Price per round: $0.261
@Sportsman's Guide

Coupon "SH1097" for Free Shipping No Minimum - Great for plinking and target practice.
Polymer-coated steel .223 case (5.56x45 mm)
Non-reloadable, non-corrosive
55-gr. hollow-point bullet
Russian made.
Muzzle Velocity: 3,241 F.P.S.
Muzzle Energy: 1,282 ft.-lbs.
20 rds. box / 500 rds. per case.

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Amount: 240
Category: Ammo
Caliber: 223/5.56
Brand: Wolf
UPC: 645611921209

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Steel ammo drops again...

Steel ammo drops again...

another 30 days and this crap will be 225.00. Just hold off people ..ammo prices are about to get back to reasonable prices.

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1 vote

$86 price drop in a

$86 price drop in a month?


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Acepitbull1's picture

not if the rumors of Russia

not if the rumors of Russia cutting off ammo supplies to US are true

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1 vote

Wolf doesn't make the ammo

Wolf doesn't make the ammo themselves. Their Gold line comes from Taiwan. How much paperwork is needed for Wolf to set up an office outside of Russia and still import to the US? Probably wouldn't be a bad idea for them regardless if they haven't done it already anyways.

I'm sure Wolf (and Tula) would like the market to remain open so they don't miss a beat.

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Here's the best part about

Here's the best part about your comment. The only concern people have for Russian ammo is 7.62 .. AK ammo.

I just looked at several articles and it's the 7.62 ammo and at this point it is total speculation & rumor. lol


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1 vote
Acepitbull1's picture

If it happens (and it has

If it happens (and it has been reported that it has already) it will cover all calibers, not just "AK ammo." 762x39 will be the major concern b/c we don't produce very much of it here in the US. However, I like to shoot the cheap Russian steel in all my guns. It may not be happening. I'm just throwing it out there b/c people are reporting that it is happening or has already.

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Here's the problem though.

Here's the problem though. Wolf reports that they have "approximately" 12 million rounds of 7.62 in hold in warehouses. That should be plenty to go around for quite a while so this situation can play out. Hopefully the sheeple credit cards are maxed and their 401Ks are drained and they won't be able to go into straight panic mode and buy it all up.

ALSO.. Its understandable that Russia would stop exporting 7.62 for a while if they go to war. They use AKs. As far as the other calibers.. it won't be Russia that stops exporting it. It will be the wonderful asshole Obama who slaps sanctions down blocking Russia from sending ammo.

Just another part of his long term plan no doubt. I can't believe people voted for this guy second time around. Its fucking mind blowing....!

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You realize 12 million rounds

You realize 12 million rounds is hardly anything. One of the countries biggest distributors, wholesale only, sold 2 million rounds in about an hour the other day. I sell 20,000 rounds per month and ammo isn't my main thing at all, I auction it off to draw people to my store. I bet AIM, Copes, Wideners, Classic Arms, SPG, Lanbos, & J&G Sales combined go through millions of rounds of it each month. Then there are thousands of smaller shops, if they average only 10 cases each month, that's 10 million rounds right there.

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Not going to happen. lol You

Not going to happen. lol

You have any idea how bad Russia needs ammo sales?

Its a rumor..just that. Go ahead and keep spreading it. In a few days people will be saying "you'll never see Russian ammo again" The same way 1 year ago people were saying we were never going to see Lake City Brass again.

Thanks for the laugh, brother!

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Awesome price! I had a

Awesome price! I had a couple of S.G. gift cards ($25 total) that were about to expire, which brought my order down to about $3.50 per box of 20 shipped!!!

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great price, I'm not even

great price, I'm not even sure what do they mean by potent, but wolf works great in my cheap AR builds...

1 vote
1 vote

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