Pre-Order Archangel Mosin Nagant stock with 5rnd Detachable magazine - $199.95

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Promag Industries is now taking pre-orders for their Archangel Mosin Nagant stock. Stock includes 1 5rnd DETACHABLE Magazine.

Stock Features:

Adjustable cheek rest
Adjustable length stock
Free floating or supported barrel (Customers choice, kit includes parts for either)
Dependable Carbon Fiber Polymer construction
Sling lug included for customer installation allowing use of bipod or sling
Integral storage compartment
Works with 91/30, type 53, M44's With or without their bayonet
Detachable Magazines (1x 5 round included 10 round magazines available for preorder as well at $25 each)
Stock designed to allow use of Timeny Trigger or with original stock trigger
Can be used with Rock Solid Mount and bent bolt or ATI Bent bolt with minor modification (Drimmel small groove for bolt handle.

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Category: Accessories
UPC: 708279011597
SKU: AA9130

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LOL this is already marked at

LOL this is already marked at 159 at Midway USA but is, of course, out of stock since they haven't hit retail yet. You'd be a fool to pay $200 for this thing.

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aim had mosins for $119 today

aim had mosins for $119 today so no thanks

1 vote
0 votes

it sounds good but.!!!! 200

it sounds good but.!!!! 200 bucks,,no way,!!!,,,not unless it comes with 5 mags..not just 1..

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0 votes

When they hit $149.. THEN we

When they hit $149.. THEN we can talk.

Seriously I'd love to have one of these things though.. if I hadn't lost my outdoor range and had a decent place to shoot I'd probably be tempted at $199.. I've been wanting a stock like this forever, even looked into tooling cost to produce one heh..

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mostholycerebus's picture

Same here. I have a common

Same here. I have a common M44 with pristine bore but shitty stock that would go perfect with this. But $200 is too much, at that point I may as well look for a slightly used modern bolt gun.

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That is my point exactly! You

That is my point exactly! You can buy a $267 Savage Axis at WalMart that will be 10 times the gun!

0 votes
0 votes

Hopefully we'll see a decent

Hopefully we'll see a decent price.. It's $199 MSRP which would usually mean probably ~$149 retail, so seeing it hit $99-129 on sale wouldn't be entirely unreasonable.. especially since as it is now it cost 2x the price of the gun that rides in it :)

Who knows though, they kind of have the market on this one so they could charge $400 and SOME people would still buy it.

0 votes
1 vote

This might be the best thing

This might be the best thing Promag has ever made. Lol. I can see this selling even for the $200. There are a lot of cheapo Mosin's out there. 10 round magazines as well... what's not to like? The fact that it's made by Promag is the only bad part.

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0 votes

But the detachable magazine

But the detachable magazine makes it super cool

1 vote
1 vote

I have 2 m44 carbines. I want

I have 2 m44 carbines. I want one of these for one of them, but I'm definitely not ready for that kind of coin. Especially when I still have ARs to build. I figure they'll probably settle around $150 or so once they hit market.

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0 votes

Is it just me that thinks

Is it just me that thinks they won't be selling a lot of these at $200? The stock cost twice as much as most people paid for the gun.

1 vote
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Probably will sell very well.

Probably will sell very well. Gives the gun a detachable magazine, and some added accuracy. Not to mention that the stock is cheaper than their archangel 10/22 stock that everyone keeps ordering. Price on these rifles has already tripled. a m44 in excellent condition is 212, a 91/30 is about 200. Plust some people will just want the stock to replace cracked ones or the delicate original stock. Plus this is the easiest way to carry extra ammo since stripper clips for mosins tend to be VERY problematic. Just thought people might like to know that the stock is out and available. Just a warning though, this is apparently going to be a limited production run. Video says their only taking a limited number of preorders.

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You can buy a $267 Savage

You can buy a $267 Savage Axis at WalMart that will be 10 times the gun!

1 vote
0 votes

Doesn't look like the Savage

Doesn't look like the Savage Axis is offered in 7.62x54R, however.

1 vote
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thank you, that was going to

thank you, that was going to be my point. Anyone else know of decent quality, decently priced new production bolt action rifle chambered in 7.62x54r? Me neither. That is what makes this stock attractive, though I can't stomach dismembering a perfectly good and "correct" m44 for such a project. Wish I would have bought a couple of type 53s from SOG before they ran out.

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I've got a Type 53 waiting

I've got a Type 53 waiting for this very stock!

0 votes
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But come on! Everybody knows

But come on! Everybody knows Walmart sells the BEST guns around!


Anyway, the stock is pretty slick. I'll be waiting for $149 or less.

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