Protected By Glock - Car, Truck, Notebook, Vinyl Decal Sticker - $1.28 shipped

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If you don't have Prime, there's a free 30-day trial with free 2-day shipping - This is a high quality vinyl decal that can be adhered on your car, notebook, computer or just about any smooth clean surface. The decal is a single color without a background as shown. Can be used in interior and exterior applications. The vinyl used is UV and water resistant, and will last for many years without fading, peeling, or cracking. Detailed and illustrated application instructions are included with each order.
Decal size is 6" X 5.2"
Please see product description below for more information

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Caliber: Range Gear
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Put mine on my safe. They

Put mine on my safe. They sent me a free little Glock logo too. Hey for $1.50 on a nicely made sticker is not bad at all. You guys all seem to look to much into what it is. Just a decal, does not mean you are advertising or calling out thieves... just a sticker lol

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They would have to pay ME to

They would have to pay ME to advertise their brand for them. I'm sure someone hot for Gaston would love this for their Volkswagon.



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And people call ME grumpy!

And people call ME grumpy!

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This advertises "Please

This advertises "Please carjackers and thieves, shoot first because I am probably carrying. Thank you and have a nice day!"

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This vehicle contains a

This vehicle contains a highly desired, easily-sold handgun. Please break in and take it. Although I advise only doing that when I am not here.

I try really hard not to list the contents of my vehicles for potential thieves.

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LOL. I have always thought

LOL. I have always thought the same thing, Hey look its a truck with an AR sticker. I know where to steal some rifles and possibly other firearms if needed. I think I will follow this guy home to see where he lives.

I don't want people knowing what I have and even if I didn't have an AR I still wouldn't want people to think that I do.

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Agreed 100%. I don't know if

Agreed 100%. I don't know if folks 'want' to advertise that they own a FA or just love their FAs so much they have to show it. To me, however, these are "come hither" signs for thieves to break into my vehicle or house to acquire their next stolen gun. No thanks. I don't even like my neighbors knowing I'm a gun owner. I prefer to not be 'swatted' by a angry liberal with a grudge, or have neighbors kids decide at some point that my house would be a good place to break into for fun since "that old guy has guns".

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At least it doesn't say

At least it doesn't say "Zombie" anything on it......that just smells of Retard.

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