PSA 16" Mid-length Dissipator - Without BCG or Charging Handle - $289.99 shipped

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Coupon "No Code Needed" for Free Shipping on AR Uppers & Rifle Kits - SKU: 1917
UPC: 1917
MFR#: 2537
16" Barrel Length
Modified A2 Profile Barrel
.750" Gas Block Diameter
Mid-length Gas System
Chome-moly Vanadium
5.56mm NATO Chamber
1 in 7" Twist Rate
Chrome-lined Bore and Chamber
M4 Feed ramps
A2 Flash Hider
7075 Forged Upper Receiver
No BCG or Charging handle
SKU: 1917

Once upon a time, a "dissipator" AR was created by taking a 20" rifle-length gas system upper and cutting the barrel down to 16". This allowed the shooter to keep the long sight radius of a rifle for accuracy, but keep the carbine length barrel for maneuverability. The proximity of the gas port to the muzzle, however, played havoc with timing and made reliability a hit or miss proposition. Advances in AR technology have produced reliable carbine and mid-length gas systems, that can be hidden using low-profile gas blocks. This allows for a front sight base to be pinned in the rifle position for the longer sight radius without the worry of the unorthodox gas port location affecting operation. We use the term "mock" to differentiate our dissipator from a cut-down rifle length version. Our Premium Mid-length mock dissipator uses a Chrome Moly Vanadium steel barrel that is chrome-lined for durability.

Barrel: 16" mil-spec steel barrel, chrome lined and chambered in 5.56 NATO, with a 1/7 twist, M4 barrel extension, and a Mid-length gas system with a low-profile gas block. Medium profile barrel is proof tested, magnetic particle inspected, phosphate coated, and finished off with a pinned F-marked front sight post in the Rifle position with sling swivel, rifle length handguards, and A2 flash hider. Barrel is made for us by FN Manufacturing here in Columbia SC.

Upper: Forged 7075-T6 A3 AR upper is made to MIL-SPECS and hard coat anodized black for durability. Featuring machined T marks, and a mil-spec finish. These uppers are made for us right here in the USA by a mil-spec manufacturer.

Each upper is assembled to order with care, and test fired. BCG and Charging handle are not included.
*Please allow up to 20 business days for your complete assembled upper to ship from our facility. Holiday and special sale lead times can be longer*
Bolt Carrier Groups (BCG) are an optional add on item. If BCGs are out of stock your upper will default to no BCG added.
If your order goes beyond the listed lead time please get in contact with us via email or phone and we will look into your issue.
Signature required on delivery.

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 223/5.56
Brand: Palmetto State Armory
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I would totally buy this if I

I would totally buy this if I hadn't just bought a S&W shield. I've been kind of wanting a disappator lately.

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I bought the Delton

I bought the Delton Dissapator from MidwayUSA with BCG and Charging handle and lower parts kit and only paid $80 more.

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safado's picture

wow they drop the price

wow they drop the price again.. now this is tempting!!!!

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0 votes

dang this is ugly... why????

dang this is ugly... why????

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I cut my 20 a2 to 17 inches,

I cut my 20 a2 to 17 inches, makes a great dissy, and it has the carry handle a2 sights, perfect setup

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0 votes
safado's picture

This is the lowest price i

This is the lowest price i have seen this for from PSA... But i haven't been into ARs that long.. At the same time JSE surplus has a Dissi URG using the DPMS barrel assembly which is a "true" dissipator in that it has the rifle length gas system... complete its 415 plus shipping or bare, like the one here, its 315 plus shipping... I contacted DPMS and verified the gas hole size.. it is larger than the gas hole on the Delton dissi barrels... there is a long thread on calguns on the dissipators... the OP there uses one of the DPMS barrels with no issues even with wolf/tula... I really want one just not sure which way to go..

0 votes
0 votes
safado's picture

lets see if this will be

lets see if this will be around when they offer free shipping...

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0 votes



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Dont buy from these people it

Dont buy from these people it takes officially 3 weeks or 15 business days to get it shipped its been 5 weeks and this people still haven't shipped. INCREDIBLE !

1 vote
3 votes
protondecay123's picture

It takes 3 weeks. I don't

It takes 3 weeks. I don't need it sooner. You know anyone else that sells dissipators?

1 vote
1 vote

I don't get why the sale

I don't get why the sale price on the Dissipator uppers is always so disappointing. Other uppers get $100 to $150 taken off the regular price while for the Dissipator uppers it's always $50.

0 votes
0 votes
protondecay123's picture

If I've read this correctly

If I've read this correctly there is a mid length gas block and pipe under the hand guard along the the F block sight. I don't think the sight here functions as the gas block as well with this configuration. More hardware, less discount. IMHO

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Yes, I have this one. The

Yes, I have this one. The front sight is not the gas block. It is a mid length, not a rifle length on a 16". I got this just due to thinking it looks cool. Especially with the MOE Rifle length handguard I added.

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Thanks for posting, I wish it

Thanks for posting, I wish it was a kit.

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0 votes

Thanks for posting.. One

Thanks for posting.. One thing to note, it shows a charging handle in the picture.. But the description says no bcg or handle..

Which you should expect for the price...

But people seem to be asking questions they should know the answer to on here lately then crying about the answer they knew they were going to get... lol...

6 votes
0 votes

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