Remington .22 LR 36-gr Golden Bullet Plated HP 525 Rnds - $27.99 (Limit 1)

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Price: $27.99
Price per round: $0.053
@Natchez Shooters Supplies

Seach for "RT21250". Remington 22 LR 36 gr Golden Bullet Plated HP 525/box
Product Number: RT21250
Web Product Title: 22LR 36GR HOLLOW POINT HV 525RDS

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Category: Ammo
Caliber: 22LR
Brand: Remington
UPC: 047700009100
MPN: 21250

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Sportsman's Guide$21.99In stockFree after coupon
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Frigging ripoffs! even if

Frigging ripoffs! even if they have a good buy, we can't buy from them here in Tennessee!

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$27.99 goes to $45 with

$27.99 goes to $45 with shipping. I probably would've paid that 9 months ago, but I just bought the exact same product for $32 shipped 20 minutes ago.

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Shipping kills this

Shipping kills this "deal".

Instead of picking it up for 27.99 from natchez + crazy shipping, I bought it from Cabelas this am for $24.99 and $5.95 shipping.

Keep an eye on cabelas and gander mountain, this comes in stock there fairly often. Academy has some deals as well, but only if you live in certain states.

Avoid places like Natchez and Midway that fuck you on the shipping.

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Mr Infidel's picture

Just picked up 3 boxes of 333

Just picked up 3 boxes of 333 count 22lr from Cabela's for just under a nickel a round (free shipping with in-store delivery. $5 or less with various promo codes if you don't live near a store). After the $15 shipping Natchez wants, this stuff would have cost me nearly a dime a round to buy from them. No deal whatsoever once you factor in their gouging on shipping.

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If you're desperate, the $20

If you're desperate, the $20 shipping doesn't ruin the deal. I'm lucky enough to spend about .0002 cents on gas when I ship to Cabela's for in-store pickup, so I wait for those deals, if I can.

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Horrible deal on some of the

Horrible deal on some of the worse .22 I have ever shot. This shit leaded up my 22/45 so badly after just 100 rounds that a cleaning rod wouldn't fit through it!!! I had to tap it through and pushed out a whole bullets worth of lead out the end!

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Natchez is right up there

Natchez is right up there with cheaper than shit. Not only is this overpriced, they will then charge you 18 dollars for shipping probably.

But people will pay it, so Natchez remains. Oh well, the patient find these for around 25 from Cabelas, max 5 bucks for shipping (and sometimes free).

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Twice what I paid for these

Twice what I paid for these last year, PLUS $17 SHIPPING ADDED in addition!

FUCK NATCHEZ!! THEY SHOULD BE BANNED FROM THIS SITE! FUCK THEM FOREVER! I'll never buy anything from these gougers!

Ban and boycott Natchez Shooters Supply!

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0 votes

I just my order from Cabela,s

I just my order from Cabela,s on Monday; $23.99 + $5.00 shipping

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Call Cabela's and get one.

Call Cabela's and get one. They do not show stock online but the last two times I called she found me these 525 bricks for $23.99 and ~$5 shipping. One order she even waived shipping for me. Just got one in the mail yesterday...

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Shipping is outrageous but if

Shipping is outrageous but if you want 22lr it looks like you need to pay out the ass for it. I created several accounts to get around the 1 box limit. I think this whole frenzy is a scam!

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Virgle's picture

Their shipping is crazy. No

Their shipping is crazy. No matter what I go to order, the shipping is super high. I will not order a thing from them.

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0 votes

I have a backorder from

I have a backorder from another big retailer that I would rather wait for then get bent over by Natchez I have plenty to hold me over or now

1 vote
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I understand supply and

I understand supply and demand but come on! I used to buy from natchez. When this all blows over and I will never by from them or the other stores that are pumping up the prices. and will always get my business

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I agree. I have them

I agree. I have them bookmarked.

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Just paid $24 for this same

Just paid $24 for this same box of 22lr at my local Sportsmans Warehouse yesterday, and that is Alaska price. Were selling quick but they seem to get them in stock pretty frequently.

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Certain Walmarts get ammo on

Certain Walmarts get ammo on a regular basis too, if you know the right ones to check. I'd rather pay sales tax than these stupid shipping prices.

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0 votes

$47 for a box shipped to CA.

$47 for a box shipped to CA. I'm [not] tempted. They really are slapping us in the face with these ridiculous shipping estimates.

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0 votes
peashooter7's picture

$19.19 for shipping for me.

$19.19 for shipping for me. and yes it's higher that what I'm normally paying then again I don't think they can float the difference that normally would have a high margin for profit on their ammo. I personally this week have to spend $43 just in shipping for a case of 500 308 wolf. This was before insurance and yes it weighted 26lbs and it was basic groundand hard shipping paper wrapped.

$24.35 for shipping after I add 200 rounds of 223 for $129

my biggest problem is that they canceled part of my order before saying it's not in stock after I've paid for it
So I really suggest calling 1-800-251-7839

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$43/box for me with shipping.

$43/box for me with shipping. AND LIMIT OF ONE PER DAY.

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Limit 1 - $17 shipping.

Limit 1 - $17 shipping.

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0 votes

Limit 1 is ridiculous....

Limit 1 is ridiculous.... shipping is as much as ammo.

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mrtexasfreedom's picture

Oh, it's in stock, but the

Oh, it's in stock, but the shipping is unrealistic. The person who posted this also used some kind of affiliate link to get a referral fee, but that doesn't work. You have to look at ammo>rimfire>in stock to find the remmington 525 box.

oh, well. I got 2 boxes of 500 rounds from Gander Mountain in the mail today. That was a much better deal.


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