Ruger 10/22 I-Tac .22 LR 16" barrel 25 Rnds - $309.99 + Free Shipping (Free S/H on Firearms)

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The Benchmark for .22 Rifles – Experience the Tradition. The Ruger® 10/22® rifle is Americas favorite .22 LR rifle, with proven performance in a wide range of styles for every rimfire application. Ideally suited for informal target shooting, plinking, small game hunting and action-shooting events, Ruger has sold millions of 10/22 rifles since their introduction in 1964.

It looks right, feels right, shoots right and continues to perform under heavy use - inspiring the most fanatical loyalty from its owners. With proven design, legendary reliability and the modern features demanded by todays .22 LR shooters, these firearms are priced right to make keeping tradition affordable.

Caliber: 22 LR
Capacity: 25+1
Rate-of-Twist: 1-in-16
Finish: Stainless
Stock: Synthetic, Folding 6-Position ATI Stock
Sights: None
Barrel Length: 16.125
Additional Info: Threaded Barrel
Additional Info: Flash Suppressor
Additional Info: Packed with one BX-25

Model Number: 1296

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 22 LR
Brand: Ruger
UPC: 736676012961
MPN: 1296
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Figures I order the black one

Figures I order the black one last week and didn't even know they had the stainless for $10 more or would have gotten it instead. All well.

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0 votes

This company has been super

This company has been super for me. Fast 2 day fedex shipping and normally the best price ever. Every online firarm purchase as been Sportsman Outdoor Suerstore. These are good people and my service hasbeen tops!

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1 vote

So is this for your inner

So is this for your inner Rambo? No sights and no rail. I'm confused.

1 vote
2 votes

I have had super outstanding

I have had super outstanding service from Sportsman Outdoor Superstore. Fast free two-day shipping and normally the best price you can find. Someone mentioned Sportsman Guide. Not the same company.

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1 vote
Johnmoses's picture



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Normally i would agree with

Normally i would agree with you im not much for tacticool guns but the added ammo capacity and better ergos with the adjustable stock on top of the legendary reliability+ accuracy is a pretty sweet package.and hard to beat for a 22lr !!

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all why i have wanted one of

all why i have wanted one of these for awhile, only thing holding me back is the lack of sights. I did purchase a standard walnut 10/22 recently which I guess I could buy a stock for as well.

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Johnmoses's picture

I want the basic gun, and a

I want the basic gun, and a Red Jacket Bull Pup kit.....yes, Red Jacket are pretty much huge morons, but that Bull-Pup is pretty cool. I have a Remington 597, and I love it. I want to try a 10/22 though....

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nevah been dun befoe

nevah been dun befoe

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Agreed. RJF is a bunch of

Agreed. RJF is a bunch of idiots, but Joe SchMeaux did a decent job with the design..
The ATI stock that this Talo I-Tac includes is neat, but it doesn't have a firm bedding. Though, this could be addressed with any decent bedding kit (like any other synthetic stock). The 6-position buttstock is a bit wobbly, but nothing extreme. But, when compared to the solid stock that the 10/22 usually comes in, it feels awkward. After putting my 10/22 back in it's wood stock, I fell in love with it all over again.
I detest RJF...but I might look at picking up one of the ZK-22 kits, that is AFTER they fix the myriad of issues that are still plaguing it now. And, I would NEVER purchase directly from RJF like the thousands of sad fools that waited a year just to find that Sportsman's Guide "cut in line" and was selling them for ~$40 less...and those that pre-paid STILL had to wait months (they might still be waiting now).

1 vote
1 vote
Benman's picture

What are the issues on the

What are the issues on the Sock itself? Normally I'm not into to the tacticool thing, but those Bullpups look pretty sweet.. But they arent exactly cheap. I dont want to drop the $ if there are issues on them

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1 vote

what is the difference

what is the difference between this one and the one that was 319 earlier today?

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0 votes

stainless barrel etc.. the

stainless barrel etc.. the other one was all black

0 votes
0 votes

ah good call...ty...i had one

ah good call...ty...i had one in cart but couldnt bring myself to order when I would want to do iron sights and not even sure this is capable front and back that way. I just ordered a lasermax too that will be in friday.

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0 votes

I'm tired of these

I'm tired of these Sportsmanguide deals. They are all either backordered or out of stock and they show as in stock.

1 vote
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well considering this is

well considering this is sportsman's outdoor superstore a company who has really great customer service that is easy to reach maybe that will make a difference.

2 votes
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Had the same thing happen to

Had the same thing happen to me last month when I tried to order the Henry survival rifle in all black. Said they "thought" they had more in stock then they actually had. Offered me on in camo. If I wanted one in camo I'd have ordered the camo. Called yesterday and they still don't have an ETA. Pretty bad to hear they screwed up again.

0 votes
0 votes

Out of stock

Out of stock

0 votes
0 votes

I think their inventory

I think their inventory system has some invalid information. I ordered this when it showed up "in stock" on 01/04 and I finally got an email from them on 01/10 telling me that they apologized because it was actually out of stock. They said they would hold my order open if I wanted to wait until/if it was back in stock again. Then I saw it "in stock" again last night before this was posted. I didn't even bother trying to order again, but I did email them about it and asked why it was showing "in stock" again.

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Im not sure what your guys

Im not sure what your guys problem is ? ive ordered and received two in demand guns from them in the last two weeks. Some of the best service and quickest shipping ive ever got. Not to mention there prices are some of the best around right now. I will definitely order from them again !!

1 vote
1 vote

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