RUGER 10/22 I-TAC 22LR TACTICAL TALO BLACK - $319.99 (Free S/H on Firearms)

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SKU: 1287

The Ruger® 10/22® rifle is America’s favorite 22 LR rifle, with proven performance in a wide range of styles for every rimfire application. Ideally suited for informal target shooting, ”plinking,” small game hunting and action-shooting events, Ruger has sold millions of 10/22 rifles since their introduction in 1964.

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 22 LR
Brand: Ruger
UPC: 736676012879
MPN: 1287
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I got this for my son. He is

I got this for my son. He is 12.

This is a great gun. If you don't own one you should.

So for the sights ... Mine came with a screw on rails that I mounted a scope. This picture does not show it but it just 3 screws and you have a rail on the top in the back that can handle standard 1 inch rings.

Because it was for my son I added a laser dot and a 200 lum light. Strait off of Amazon for about 20.00. Sighted it all in at about 50 yards. Added a front in fore grip that has retractable bi pod legs for 10 dollars.

My son now believes he is a sniper at the range and to be honest this gun has made him much much better at shooting. Thanks to the adjustable stock it is very comfortable for both my son and I to shoot.

It is a great cheap way to practice and it is one of the best made rifles ever.

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Some of the funnest and most

Some of the funnest and most reliable rifles I have ever owned. If you do not own one, you should. Top 5 American guns you should own, this is one of them. Yes, the 15-22's are cool too if that is all you care about, the "cool" aspect. The 10/22's are an all around excellent rifle, tried and true tested for decades. It is always the last rifle to come out when at the range but it stays out way longer than any other firearms I take. Sporting, survival, hunting, zombies... no matter what, a good go to rifle. Can carry thousands of rounds and mags with little to no effort. Few modifications that are easy DIY is the auto bolt hold open, just grind down the tooth in the hole and add an extended trigger guard mag release. Volq. extractor is another good addon, but I doubt a brand new I-TAC would need it right away, mine don't. They do not included extra screws to use all 4 rails at once, but a quick email to TALO had me a complete kit with all rails, and screws for the entire ATI stock in less than 4 days (TALO contacted ATI and had them send me the kit). Anyways, was bored and just wanted to give my 1 cent...

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I disagree. I think the

I disagree. I think the Smith 15-22's are much better rifle. Better built and perhaps a little more accurate. I have 2x 10/22's i bought this year and the Smith is much more reliable.

3 votes
6 votes
jjmIII_Ruger's picture

Much more reliable? What

Much more reliable? What problems are you having with the 10/22? Mine is a tank. Shoots EVERY time!

1 vote
0 votes

What did all you people who

What did all you people who have one do for sights? That is the main thing that has been holding me back.

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I have a UTG setup on one and

I have a UTG setup on one and I also use PTS MBUS on my other but the real MBUS would work too I think. You just have to crank the front sight way down (the cheap PTS sight tool they sent with them broke almost immediately so I had to use my standard AR front sight tool..The low pro UTG sight is the same height as the MBUS so it should work, plus one of the reviews on the UTG sight said he was using it on his I-TAC... I also ordered a UTG top scope rail rather than using the rail ruger provided. It stands up higher and has more slots for more ways to attach stuff. The standard rail only had 4 slots all together I think and only allowed stuff to be attached using those slots. I also picked up a Barska Hunt Master Pro scope on fleabay for $40 bux, overkill but bad ass... lol

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These are meant for a red dot

These are meant for a red dot or a scope - just like all of Ruger's threaded barrel models.

2 votes
0 votes

One of ours has a Bushnell

One of ours has a Bushnell TRS-25 on it, several have Leapers/UTG $40 red/green dots, and I just put a UTG SWAT 3-12x44 30mm scope on the other one. If short range plinking, go for a red dot, otherwise go for a $50+ scope. Walmart has a decent looking 3-9x tasco scope for $36.

1 vote
0 votes

Are iron sights feasible? I

Are iron sights feasible? I dont see what to do for back...

1 vote
1 vote

I just used a standard AR

I just used a standard AR carry handle with built in sight and a UTG low profile front rail mount sight for irons and added a scope mount to the handle... Used a UTG 3-9x32 Bug buster for a scope and also upgraded the top scope rail to a UTG low profile rail (has more slots than the one that comes with this rifle). Good first thing to do that is quick and easy on these is the Auto Bolt Release mod and I also picked up an extended mag release that comes down around the trigger guard making mag detach possible using trigger finger without moving hand. Great little rifle and these guys do pretty good at shipping out quick. Had it within a week of ordering last month.

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0 votes

Are iron sights feasible? I

Are iron sights feasible? I dont see what to do for back...

2 votes
1 vote

No, iron sights are not

No, iron sights are not really feasible. The barrels on these tacticals are not dovetailed for sights like on the other rugers. IE, there are no front sight posts or rear sight posts.

You would have to spend a bunch of money and get something like the novak spud iron sights.

You'd be better off to buy a different model 10/22 and then buy the ATI stock. (or tapco stock). Tapco looks like it would be easier to remove for cleaning. Mine came with ATI stock and I have since replaced it with a Bud's SS Evolution stock. My ATI stock is for sale :)

1 vote
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Dont see why you wouldn't be

Dont see why you wouldn't be able to put some magpul buis like on an ar-15. The front handguard has a weaver rail on top and the receiver comes with a weaver rail as well. The front rail is a touch higher but you should be able to compensate for it with the elevation adjustment.

1 vote
0 votes

Basically my thoughts, I

Basically my thoughts, I figured front magpul sight np but wasnt sure how to deal with back

1 vote
0 votes

I thought of this too, but

I thought of this too, but the stock is not near rigid enough for this.

1 vote
0 votes

Not sure how the stock comes

Not sure how the stock comes into play ?? the rear sight is mounted on top of the receiver and is rock solid. Just got my magpul buis in the mail today but i don't have enough room of the factory rail with the red dot sight ive already got. Just ordered a different rail for the receiver that i think will work. When it shows up and i get everything mounted i'll report back.

2 votes
0 votes

Not sure how you are mounting

Not sure how you are mounting the front sight, but the picatinny mount that is on the forward part of the stock will not hold zero because the stock is too flimsy. It's not like an optics ready AR-15 where you can an iron sight onto a picatinny gas block on the front, and add the rear sight to the flat top part of the AR in the rear.

1 vote
0 votes

Sounds you are

Sounds you are saying it will work easy with mbus

1 vote
1 vote

I bought one of these a

I bought one of these a couple weeks back from the same place. Shipped the same day for free and so far so good. I've put about 300 rds through is so far and It has functioned correctly with out a single ftf or fte. I would say have at it but thats jmo

0 votes
2 votes

yikes, doesnt sound good.. i

yikes, doesnt sound good.. i picked one up a couple weeks ago when it was listed here for $349.99+$ was the grey version from cope's distributing. FINALLY got my background check done yesterday. I hope theres no failures at all with mine.. the box has what i think is the date it was fully assembled, 02/25/13. I will need to go out to the range to try it out..

ALSO O.O.S for this item.

1 vote
0 votes

Yeah I hope it works good for

Yeah I hope it works good for you as well. Of the 3 10/22's i've bought in the last 4 months, 2 have had the issue, 1 is decent but not 100%. I'm looking forward to getting a rifle back from ruger that runs like butter, like it should have when I bought it.

There are a bunch of people out there with 10/22s that are flawless so they are great rifles. One of their machines is just out of spec.

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Ruger has some serious

Ruger has some serious quality control issues in these 10/22 rifles within the last couple months. I bought one 2 months ago (stainless talo) and another (takedown tactical) 2 weeks ago. Both are having FTE issues. Both stove pipe a round on the way out 5-6 times per magazine, independent of ammo or magazine choice. The first has been sent back to ruger and should be due back this week or next. Going to try it out before I send the other one in.

The ruger revolver and 22/45 pistol I bought from them have both been perfect.

Very disappointed in these Ruger rifles. This is the 22 standard. Get it together.

2 votes
2 votes
Johnmoses's picture

Good to know. i am looking at

Good to know. i am looking at getting one for a Bull Pup build. I have a Remington 597, and after a few tweeks it has been flawless. I still shoot my Grandfathers Belgium Browning A-22 that is about 62 years old, and it is so much better than these guns made today.

2 votes
0 votes

Red Jacket Firearms Zk-22 or

Red Jacket Firearms Zk-22 or HighTower Armory? I'm hoping that HighTower will use roller bearing contact points for their trigger bar. The ZK-22 has a less-than-desirable trigger pull, pretty much par for the course with bullpups. Plus, it's Red Jacket

Ruger has certainly had more than a few "issues" with their quality control as of late. My 22/45 was assembled with an incorrect hammer pivot which they claim they haven't made since ~2003. But, I'm now suspicious of anything Ruger.

1 vote
0 votes
Johnmoses's picture

Reading the situation with

Reading the situation with red jacket isn't too good now. The ZK-22 could take years to get.

2 votes
0 votes
Virgle's picture

The 597 is very hard to beat.

The 597 is very hard to beat. I change out the hammer and extractor. They run flawless with just a little work.

2 votes
0 votes

It is a sad day when you can

It is a sad day when you can buy a Mossberg Plinkster for 107 or a Savage 64 for 139 at Walmart and they run flawlessly, and at half the price of these 10/22's....

I sincerely wish I had it to do over again. I would have given my money to Sig for a 522, either Classic or Swat. They are supposed to be uber reliable and uber accurate.

The coolest thing is that the sig takes standard AR 15-22 magazines. The ones made by black dog are the best and are only $12 each. (I have a 22 conversion bolt in my AR that has run flawlessly thus far. Sad it is the most reliable rifle I own and it is really a hack....)

1 vote
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