Russian Vepr 12 Gauge Tactical Shotgun w/ Straight Tubular Stock - $799.99 + 100 Rounds of Wolf 12 Gauge Ammo


FREE Wolf Shotgun Ammo (choose 1):

- FREE 100 rounds of Wolf Brand 12 ga. 2 3/4", 00 Buckshot

- FREE 100 rounds of Wolf Brand 12 ga. 2 3/4", 1 oz slugs

Manufactured in the Molot factory the Russian Vepr is the Mercedes-Benz of Russian Semi-Auto Shotguns. Includes one original Molot 5 round mag. Add up to four extra mags to your shotgun order and they'll ship for free. We have the hard to find original 5rd Molot factory magazines in-stock and ready to go.

Bigger, Better, Badder, The Russian Vepr shotgun is the Gold standard in imported 12 guage semi-autos.

I love the Saiga's, and at their price point, they can't be beat. But if you are one of those rare individuals that will not settle for less than the best, then give the Russian Vepr12 a try....

The Vepr 12 gauge shotgun is known around the world as one of the finest IPSC and 3 Gun shotguns availble.

In fact, everything about the Vepr is heavy duty. Take a look at these features.

Hinged dust cover with a picatinny rail
Original Molot Polymer Pistol Grip
Original Molot Polymer Lower Handguard
Original Molot Polymer Upper Handguard
Molot Self-Regulating Gas System
Original Molot Competition Magazine Well
One Original Molot Factory 5 round Magazine
Molot Factory AK adjustable rear sight
Factory chrome lined barrel, chamber, receiver shaft and gas chamber
Factory last round bolt hold open
Factory threaded barrel (thread pattern is the same as Saiga)
Factory machined bolt assembly, gas blocks etc. (not cast like other AK shotguns)
Cheek Rest unlocks and rotates on stock from right to left hand side for ambidextrous shooting.

* Note - barrels are threaded and have a thread protector threaded onto them from the factory. The thread pattern is the same as the Saiga Shotguns and any of the numerous different Muzzle Breaks on the market for the Saigas will fit the Vepr.

To see this weapon is to fall in love and to shoot it seals the deal.

*** In reference to The Gas System It differs from the Saiga and in my opinion is a very nice upgrade. The Saiga 12 has a gas system that can be manually adjusted to allow for the firing of different shells, i.e, Hi-Brass, Low Brass, Bird Shot, Buck Shot , etc.

Unlike the Saiga , The Vepr has a highly advanced self regulating gas system that automatically adjust to the recoil of the weapon allowing this weapon to feed virtually all types of shells without incident. In fact, we have tested this weapon with all different types of loads and powder charges and even mixed different loads within the same magazine. In all cases the weapon functioned flawlessly.

All of the Veprs come in an original Molot Factory box with manual and warrenty information.


Category: Shotguns
Caliber: 12 GA
Brand: Vepr
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NewMexican's picture

@Classic (& every other

@Classic (& every other retailer out there):

Sales are slumping, tell the importer we want the welded open folder that we can put our own 922r on and cut the weld.

Folder! Folder! Folder!

Come on, everyone now!

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These are not banned. None

These are not banned. None of the Vepr rifles are impacted by a ban. It was initially thought they would be banned, but prices have fallen acordingly.

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These are pretty good deals,

These are pretty good deals, Atlantic has the same offer. Figured the price would keep going up after the EO banned them and supplies dwindled, but they're staying pretty low for a quality semi. Snag one, you won't regret it - and go for the tubular stock over the folder anyway, you can put a bump fire stock on it and use it for home defense or to hunt dragons :-D

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1 vote

Read closely. This is NOT the

Read closely. This is NOT the folding stock version. If you are looking for the folding stock, you will easily spend $200 to convert if you're lucky.....the folding stock versions will probably never be imported again. They started with wooden/solid stocks, then folders welded open, now this new solid style. It will take a little while for someone to start producing adapters to convert to folder that are economically priced.

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I own this gun and it works

I own this gun and it works great. The 12 round magazine is pretty long but it works great and to be honest It really doesn't make a difference when I am shooting it. I put a Limb saver from Walmart for a buttpad and it works great. Still after 12 rounds of buckshot you are ready to take a break. A 10 round magazine might be a good compromise.

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You don't need a recoil pad

You don't need a recoil pad on the stock. Shooting a long gun that has significant recoil is all about technique--similar to the push-pull used to hold a handgun really stable. When shooting the VEPR12, grasp the foreend tightly with your left hand, pushing outward. Simultaneously, pull the pistol group toward your body with your right hand, and rest the buttstock lightly against your chest/shoulder. The tension will not only control the recoil, it will enable you to get very fast and accurate follow-up shots. You will be able to shoot all day using this technique. I can shoot 200 rounds in a day with no issue. My 13 year old stepson shoots the VEPR12 with this technique and loves it.

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Been looking at semi-auto

Been looking at semi-auto shotguns for a few months now but hadn't really considered the Russian/eastern-European models with magazines. But now that these are banned from import, and reviews seem to be favorable from most, I went ahead and ordered 2. Hopefully that wasn't a bit hasty, but the price seems fair based on the current (and even past) market.

Also, since these are set up for the fixed stock, does that mean these folding stocks from Bonesteel Arms will work?

Leaning toward the adjustable stock so the wife and other 'smaller' members of the family can shoot comfortably.

BTW, I'd also like to try some of the SGM mags. Should I go 10 or 12 round? Leaning toward 12 round just because (no capacity limits in our state), but the mags look sooooo long. Maybe 10 is a good compromise?

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I'd suggest going to

I'd suggest going to or with your questions.
There are a lot more authoritative people there.

2 votes
0 votes

Wrong picture. This is still

Wrong picture. This is still the fixed tubular stock model not the wood model

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0 votes

The picture & text match,

The picture & text match, both saying fixed tubular stock?

0 votes
0 votes

It didn't originally. Showed

It didn't originally. Showed the fixed wooden stock. They changed it.

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Better-Go-Bang's picture

It's good to see that folks

It's good to see that folks are aware of the stock not being a folder. Also, this does not show left side safety selector for this run. That being said, this is still something you can't get more imported. It's an entry level Vepr. It's a great shotgun! Enjoy it if you buy it!

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You are right - no left side

You are right - no left side safety. But to your point, the barrel, receiver and all the other important parts are there. I'm pretty sure that she'll go bang when I pull the trigger. This one is a really cool shotgun! Woo-hoo!

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I just got mine from Classic

I just got mine from Classic last Tuesday, not sure if the stock can be changed easily.

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Yeah I agree. My gunsmith

Yeah I agree. My gunsmith said that we would need to change the rear trunnion over to one that would allow for a folder. I think that the receiver may have to be notched too if we want to use a factory folder. That's just based on observations of pictures of the folder version.

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I've wanted this thing for a

I've wanted this thing for a long time. I had to pull the trigger. Now hurry up and get here so I can pour more of my time and money into you!

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Same exact situation. So

Same exact situation. So pumped for it to get here and already have a variety of loads to shoot through it. Did you pick up any extra mags? I got another factory 5 rounder as well as 2-10 round and 1-12 round SGM mags since they were cheaper than anywhere else I could find and shipped free with the order.

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I didn't end up getting any.

I didn't end up getting any. I'm planning on snagging a few CSSpecs magazines. I bought a couple for my Vepr 308 and they are built like a tank!

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dudes i will get an rem 930

dudes i will get an rem 930 with an xrail what up.

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So you should be able to put

So you should be able to put any AK fixed stock on this receiver right?
Asking because I was looking at getting a Fostech Bumpski stock, you know, for legal purposes....

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The Vepr 12 folder could not

The Vepr 12 folder could not be swaped for a AK stock due to a different style of rear trunnion. I have e mailed Classic asking for clarification on this model with a non folding capable stock. Anybody have one of this latest version with the fixed tube style stock? The trunnion will tell the tale. If I hear from Classic I will post the info.

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that thing is going to

that thing is going to destroy ur shoulder then gun, plus you will more than likely have some jams with it, but really i hope it works like an aa12 for you bro.

1 vote
3 votes

Have you ever fired one of

Have you ever fired one of these? with OO buckshot, smooth as can be. You can even rapidfire offhand, by your hip, With no loss of control. The gas piston system, with its action, bleads off all of the sting of the buckshot. Only downside I can find is you go through ammo like it's an AR.

2 votes
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Uh oh...... That didn't take

Uh oh...... That didn't take long. Kevin says told you so rj. Haha just playin. Pickin 1 up right now. Almost bought 1 back when they were $800 but hesitated and then the ban came. So glad I held off when they were like $1100 or more though...

1 vote
0 votes

I bought one last June, a

I bought one last June, a week befor the Obamaban, $800 w free shipping. I love it! Not one hiccup.

How's that Obanaban working for you Mr President?

4 votes
0 votes

i paid $1025 for one of these

i paid $1025 for one of these a few months ago...that was including all fees and shipping and ffl this price...i am buying another one.....the old lady is just going to have to deal with it!!

0 votes
2 votes
Slauterhause's picture

Uggg, I paid almost as much

Uggg, I paid almost as much as you. It's a total monster of a gun, friggin' absolutely love it. When my C&R arrives in the next few days, I'm gonna put a dent in Classic's inventory.

0 votes
0 votes

i heard this shotgun just

i heard this shotgun just loves to jam how does your run?

1 vote
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Not a single jam shooting OO

Not a single jam shooting OO from an SGM 12 round mag. I have 10rd Russian Vepr Mags, but haven't tried since the SGM is working so well. I heard a lot of complaints about the SGMs, but have not had any problems, but I have only been shooting OO, may be different with lighter shots, but just guessing at this point, will post if I have issues with other shots.

0 votes
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Mr Infidel's picture

Had a handful of jams right

Had a handful of jams right off the bat trying to dispose of some cheap economy loads I had laying around. After some interweb reading, seems several other new owners have ran into the same problems with their SAIGA and VEPR's. One owner suggested switching over to some heavy Federal loads for about 50-75 rounds, so I thought what the heck. After doing so, my VEPR will now eat anything I feed it (including that cheap economy stuff) hiccups, belches, or flatulence of any kind. In short, it's become so dependable that it's almost boring...almost.

Unfortunately, like Joe and Slaughter, I too overpaid for mine ($950). For $799, I just couldn't resist and now have another on the way. I'm now planing to add some aftermarket items to my current VEPR, with some tid bits I located @ Carolina Shooter Supply. I think I'll sit on the new one for a while to see what happens with the market.


1 vote
0 votes

This is almost back to preban

This is almost back to preban pricing.

0 votes
0 votes

I'm a big fan of classicarms,

I'm a big fan of classicarms, and this is a pretty solid deal for a VEPR-12.

I will say, I expect the importation issues to clear within the next 2 years, and at that point VEPRS should creep back down to normal pricing (ie, $800 for a VEPR-12, and $600 for the others).

1 vote
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rj's picture

Yeah- just like what happened

Yeah- just like what happened with Norinco right? Oh wait... you still can't get them can you? Does anyone remember the president who banned Norinco from further import?

0 votes
1 vote

The difference is that

The difference is that Chinese guns were banned back then. The current ban is on a particular company. All that needs to happen is swap the company name. Rumor at Shot Show is that KC is getting a US plant and their products will be available here as they will no longer be an import

2 votes
0 votes

I believe they are licensing

I believe they are licensing their name, not setting up shop here. Still may be very good if they get parts from Russia, training, and they maintain quality standard that are checked by the Russians.

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