Saiga 12 Russian Shotgun IZ109 - SALE - $699

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Saiga 12 , semi auto AK style 12 gauge, built at the Russian Izmash Arsenal, featuring 5 round clip fed semi auto , all new construction, will shoot 2 ¾" and 3" magnum, designed for high reliability in harsh environments ,great for tactical and home defense. The removable mag allows for a quick change in Tactical or competitive shooting !! The have a 19 inch threaded barrel so you can add various chokes or muzzle brakes .
We also carry the Hi Capacity mags and Drums for these shotguns

Category: Shotguns
Caliber: 12 GA
Brand: Saiga
UPC: 814716015193
MPN: IZ109
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Better-Go-Bang's picture

My single point made was that

My single point made was that this model works with the Kushnapup that was advertised here as well.

The Vepr, while nice, is a heavier model with more features and less availability for accessory modifications and higher cost of component parts and mags. Do you want a battle shotgun (style) that you can carry, dress out and afford the parts for? If not, spend $100 more on the start and $15-25 more per mag. I love all of my Saiga 12 shotguns. I tune them without an auto-plug to cycle Winchester Universal #7 2.75" shells with ease. The Veprs I have seen are like looking at a heavy sports cars that cost more when you want a track model that can be customized with more options available.

Question for those who buy Vepr 12 not Saiga 12:
Did you but something other than a Ruger 10/22 to trick out your plinker too?

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0 votes

This is not a deal any day of

This is not a deal any day of the week when you compare it to a Vepr 12. They are running $799 in LE/MIL configuration, they run everything, don't need to be converted, and are made in one of the premier factories in the world, Molot. I don't know why anyone would buy one of these, ever...

2 votes
1 vote
Better-Go-Bang's picture

Unconverted IZ109 + Kushnapup

Unconverted IZ109 + Kushnapup ... about a $1k semi auto box fed bull pup. Yep, no reason at all... That and you obviously don't own a Saiga or a Vepr.

0 votes
1 vote

That's like saying that the

That's like saying that the Corolla that costs more than the Corvette is a good deal because it went on sale & the price came down closer to the Corvette's.

Maybe not the best example, & no disrespect intended to the Saiga - it's a fine product, but hopefully you're intelligent enough to understand.

1 vote
0 votes

Best example ever, lol. :)

Best example ever, lol. :)

1 vote
0 votes
Better-Go-Bang's picture

Veprs are still in stock ....

Veprs are still in stock ....

0 votes
0 votes
Better-Go-Bang's picture

Bullpup S12's can only be

Bullpup S12's can only be developed with an Unconverted IZ109. Veprs can't touch that. That plus the Vepr is still in stock. I wonder why that is???

0 votes
0 votes

So your entire argument is

So your entire argument is based on the assumption that every potential consumer would rather bullpup their shotgun, & your opinion is that no Vepr could "touch that."

Roger that.

1 vote
0 votes

So the Vepr's are in stock

So the Vepr's are in stock and that means they are not as desirable as a Saiga... Well we are on the 5th or 6th shipment from Molot of 1000 Vepr 12's in just the last couple years since they started offering them. The reason they are in stock now is because the demand has been so high that they have taken notice and been burning the midnight oil over in Russia making these things.

Saiga's on the other hand have been dwindling out for a while and they have only been bringing in small quantities.

Lastly, no one except you cares about cheap plastic bullpup S12's. That fad was so short lived it makes Psy seem like the "Beatles".

1 vote
0 votes

Vepr side folder and Vepr

Vepr side folder and Vepr Fixed stock in the gun safe. I would buy a 3rd, 4th, and 5th before this. Building a kushnapup is fine but, buying unconverted Saiga's for that purpose is a very niche market and would be better served saving money and having a higher quality factory firearm in the Vepr 12.

A lot of people see the Saiga's back in stock and might not know too much about them or know that the Vepr's offer them everything in a standard configuration for $100 more.

My Saiga 12 was a money pit that I spent way to much time getting to run right. In contrast the feeling of taking my Vepr out for the first time and it running flawlessness out of the box with every thing from Federal bulk to 00 Buck was amazing.

Ymmv, but for most people I don't think you can do better than a Vepr 12 for the price and quality.

1 vote
1 vote
Better-Go-Bang's picture

... You are so right, they

... You are so right, they are out of stock! ;~}

0 votes
1 vote
Better-Go-Bang's picture

7 in stock this time

7 in stock this time yesterday & now they are GONE.

$699 is a deal on an unconverted Saiga 12 any day of they week people.

Try finding some in stock elsewhere for that price right now......Exactly.

0 votes
2 votes

Spend the extra $100 on a

Spend the extra $100 on a Vepr 12.

4 votes
1 vote
Divine9's picture

Saiga's are going up and up

Saiga's are going up and up in price. This price is actually pretty good for the time being. I have two saigas that I tricked out and what not, I love my saiga!

The Vepr 12 does look sick though

3 votes
0 votes

I have nothing against the

I have nothing against the Saiga, & I think that this would've been a great deal 2 months ago. In fact, if this deal was available in December I would've snatched one up in a heartbeat. That said, right now there are numerous vendors offering Vepr 12's for $799 & minimal shipping. So for an extra $100 the Vepr offers a "self-adjusting" gas system, a bolt that stays open on empty, pistol grip & forward trigger group, magwell, folding skeleton stock (must cut through a small weld), & a thicker milling. Only possible downside to the Vepr in my opinion is the relatively small list of vendors producing parts to customize the firearm compared to the Saiga. If I showed you a pic of my Vepr though, I promise it looks every bit as nasty as any Saiga you've seen.

So all that to say, this is definitely a good deal compared to what you would have paid a few months ago, but in my opinion, I think the Vepr (also available from Atlantic) is a MUCH better value.

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0 votes
Better-Go-Bang's picture

Concern Kalashnikov - Do some

Concern Kalashnikov - Do some reading. If you want a Saiga, buy one!
Saiga-12's in the style of IZSL-433A New Model 030-type are making their way to our shores now.

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