Shooters Arms 1911 .45 ACP with 4.25" or 5" Barrel - $349.99 + Free Shipping

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Shooters Arms .45 ACP Commodore Pistol with 4.25" Barrel #SA-COM45
Shooters Arms .45 ACP Elite Pistol with 5" BBL #SA-ELITE45
Shooters Arms .45 ACP Military Pistol with 5" Barrel #SA-MIL45
Part Number: SA-GI-45

Category: Handguns
Caliber: 45 ACP
Brand: Century International Arms Inc.
MPN: CAI Shooters Arms
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Very good gun! I have the

Very good gun! I have the Commodore. Went to the range with my 3 friends. We had a Glock 21, Glock 23, EAA Witness 10mm, RIA compact 45, S&W SD9 VE. All 4 of us voted the S.A.M. Commodore the best shooting gun!

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Those are old comments. The

Those are old comments. The website says free shipping until Tuesday April 8, 2014.

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Received the "military" from

Received the "military" from FFL today, fit and finish is great. Trigger pull is surprisingly good and with no grit. Will buy again when deal returns.

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Looks like free shipping

Looks like free shipping promotion is dead

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not according to the email

not according to the email they sent

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Read it wrong you are

Read it wrong you are correct. Elite vs Military any 1 have one? Not sure which one to pick.

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I have the Elite. I changed

I have the Elite. I changed out the slide stop to a normal version, not extended. I also changed the safety, but stayed with the extended version. Grips are plain plastic, so you may want to get better grips. If you want a better trigger, Ed Brown National Match will need small fitting, but works really well.

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Awesome! How's accuracy?

Awesome! How's accuracy?

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As accurate as my RIA compact

As accurate as my RIA compact and Ruger SR1911. The slide action is smooth also. I did replace my disconnector also. Frame seems very snug on all openings, so installing pin kits and triggers and mag release have very little if no play at all.

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Ordered the Elite. I liked

Ordered the Elite. I liked the extended slide lock & safety. Looked easier to manipulate.

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Same here i like the looks of

Same here i like the looks of the military over the elite but if the elite offers any advantage id prefer it

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Dees be way MOAR better Dan a

Dees be way MOAR better Dan a Glock Fotay.

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Dont own one, but handled

Dont own one, but handled one. This is a cool 'truck gun'. rough finish, made in phillipines. i believe the slide is forged. its a true 1911 design, and in my opinion $350 is a great price. i've bought mosin's from centerfire and had no issues with them as a seller, they do charge a 3% fee for credit cards, so add an extra 10.50, then shipping, then FFL transfer... makes it over 400 for me... which out the door might still be worth it. depends on what you're going to use it for. enjoy, sorry for rambling ;)

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Any body have one of these?

Any body have one of these?

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