SMITH AND WESSON M&P-15 SPORT 5.56 RIFLE - $578.69 shipped

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Versatile, modular, and with its ready-to-go design and exceptional value, the M&P15 SPORT™ from Smith & Wesson is a perfect choice for the tactical rifle enthusiast.

6-Position Collapsible Stock
30-Round Magpul® PMAG® Magazine
Adjustable Front and Rear Sights
Chrome-lined Gas Key and Bolt Carrier

Firearm Specifications
Model: M&P15 Sport™
Caliber: 5.56 mm NATO
Capacity: 30 Round Detachable Magazine
Action: Semi-Auto
Barrel Length: 16” / 40.6 cm
Front Sight: Adjustable A2 Post
Rear Sight: Magpul® Folding MBUS
Overall Length: 35” Extended / 32” Collapsed
Stock: 6 Position Telescopic
Weight: 6.5 lbs. / 2,948.4 g
Barrel Material: 4140 Steel
Receiver Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum
Receiver Finish: Hard Coat Black Anodized
Chromed Components: Gas Key / Bolt Carrier
Purpose: Competitive / Recreational / Professional / Duty / Home Protection / Hunting

What’s in the Box

M&P 15 Rifle
30-Round Magazine
Magpul® Folding MBUS Rear Sight
Cable Lock
Owner’s Manual

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Category: Rifles
Caliber: 223/5.56
Brand: Smith & Wesson
UPC: 022188145663
MPN: 811036

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This offer is available to ALL active duty U.S. Military, Retired Military with retired Military Status, active National Guard Reservists and Disabled Veterans of all U.S. Military branches including U.S. Coast Guard. All requests for rebates must be postmarked no later than January 16, 2016.
Valid Jan-01-2015 - Jan-01-2016
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5R rifling, a durable

5R rifling, a durable Melonite® coated barrel
If it is with this barrel it is a fine rifle and great value. The warranty is top notch as well. I've put a thousand rounds of 62 gr. through mine. Accurate and reliable. With a .22LR conversion (CMMG) kit it is surprisingly accurate. It gets shot this way mostly.

Just my opinion here... If it is with a standard chrome lined 6 grove barrel it is not as good a value but still a good rifle.

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0 votes

If you read up on Smith and

If you read up on Smith and Wesson's site,the sports are no longer 5R barrels. The specs on this site are wrong.

1 vote
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If it is the R-5 barrel on

If it is the R-5 barrel on this rifle it is an excellent rifle and a good price. If it is a chrome lined standard barrel... not such a good deal.

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Current production model

Current production model 811036's no longer have the 1:8 5R barrels. If you can find one that is from an older run...

S&W site now shows just the gas key and bolt carrier as Chrome-lined parts.

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They don't use the 5R barrel

They don't use the 5R barrel anymore I don't think. Chrome lined barrel would be awesome, but pretty sure it doesn't have that either. It is a great rifle for $620 that is for sure. You would probably have a tough time financially if you bought enough ammo to shoot out a standard barrel. 10's of thousands of rounds is my understanding of what it takes. I'd say you have your money out of the rifle by then and have spent 3k+ in ammo.

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Excellent Product, Excellent

Excellent Product, Excellent Store.

This is an excellent entry level AR. Sportsman Outdoor Superstore is an excellent place to purchase it from. Great service, quick delivery, free postage and no sales tax.

2 votes
2 votes

I am getting tired of waiting

I am getting tired of waiting for a $900-$1000 rifle to fall in the $700-$800 range. Should I just pull the trigger and get this as my first rifle?

8 votes
2 votes

Don't get this one get the

Don't get this one get the Del Ton sport or Core 15 they have a forward assist and dust cover and are just a little more than this rifle.

3 votes
7 votes

No. Market should be flooded

No. Market should be flooded in a couple months.

5 votes
0 votes



3 votes
2 votes

This is the lowest price on

This is the lowest price on this rifle I have seen. Gander Mountain is offering it at $729.99 but they are out of stock. In IL GAT has it for $799.99, Mega Sports has it for $899.99.

3 votes
1 vote

Sure....if you don't want to

Sure....if you don't want to build one, this aint too shabby !

3 votes
1 vote

I thought that part was clear

I thought that part was clear from my comment :-) I have no desire to build one because I don't know how to. If you do and can do it cheaper I say more power to you.

4 votes
1 vote

So prices are getting really

So prices are getting really low this month. Still waiting on buying my first rifle. Do I wait for a decent 1 in 7 twist rifle in the $700-$800 range? Wait for a Windham to drop $100 or so. Buy this sport or a oracle in the $600 range? I dont know what to do!!!

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Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

I find that my 1 in 7" SPR

I find that my 1 in 7" SPR doesn't like 55gr so much which I think is by default. I understand that this is to get the spin on heavier grain bullets. I have only shot 55gr .223 and 62gr 5.56 out of mine and there is a noticeable difference in accuracy.

I have a Rem 700 AAC-SD with a 20" barrel that's 1 in 10" twist which is supposed to be designed for spinning the ultra heavy hitters subsonic. That's kinda where I get the logic from.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but if you want to shoot the cheaper more available 55gr ammo ACCURATELY, 1 in 7" probably isn't the best way to go... My next barrel will be 1 in 9 or less. Just something to chew on.

I can't wait to try some 75gr stuff and see how that works... But I'll be waiting a while because I won't sink to sub human filth levels by paying $1.50 a round any more than I would buying a $5 cup of coffee.

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1/7 twist rifles will

1/7 twist rifles will stabilize 55gr rounds just fine, but they will probably give you better results with heavier rounds like 62gr M855. If you want extreme accuracy from 55gr ammo a twist rate closer to 1/9 or even 1/12 will treat it a bit better, but 1/7 will still be pretty accurate for rounds 55gr and up. The quality of the bullet will be important too.

M4C has a very informational thread about it:

4 votes
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I think the 1:8 is the best

I think the 1:8 is the best overall barrel twist . You can stabilize most bullets accurately. The 1:7 is great for heavy bullets but the majority of range time for most AR owners is with 55GR, so for that reason I prefer 1:8.........

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FYI i think the specs are

FYI i think the specs are outdated on this website. Smith switched the barrels about a year ago on this model. It is no longer 5r 1 in 8 melonite treated. It is a cheaper barrel now, and they kept the retail price the same.

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I'm right there with you! I

I'm right there with you! I really want a Windham too, but this is tempting. If someone could offer advice on this AR vs. a Windham (flat top) for $100 more I'd appreciate it.

1 vote
1 vote

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