Spike's Tactical AR15 Lower Receiver - $89.95 + Free Shipping

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Now in stock with Free Shipping - This is the real McCoy the Spikes Tactical lower with their brand name and spider logo on it not a generic "made by a company that makes receivers for Spikes". Aim Surplus offers this Spike's Tactical AR15 Lower Receiver for $79.95. Spike's Tactical Multi-Caliber Stripped lower receiver for AR type Rifles. This is the basis for any top quality rifle. Machined from a 7075 T6 Mil-Spec Forging. Mil-Spec Type III Hardcoat Anodized finish with Black Teflon coating. Low Shelf for use with RDIAS.

Limit 3 Per Customer, except FFL Dealers.
FREE Shipping on this item in the 48 States!
Not for sale in CA, CT, MA, MD, NJ & NY.

For 3 or more $85.00/ea.

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Category: Accessories
Caliber: Parts
Brand: Spike's

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HaloJumper's picture

Core 15 is another Florida

Core 15 is another Florida based company that has the same features for less. I also recently received an Aero lower for $45 that all the same features as this spikes (set safety detent screw). Now if this was the Jolly Roger version for this price or the honey badger stamped I might think its a good deal...just because pirates are cool!

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My Spikes lower has a

My Spikes lower has a threaded hole to install a set screw to retain the rear takedown pin spring. And also the Spikes has a dimple if you wanted to drill and tap for an adjuster instead of using an Accuwedge (for the play in the upper to lower fit). That's a difference I see from the less expensive Anderson receiver I have. I do like the spider logo though!

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Serious question, what is the

Serious question, what is the difference between these and other 7075 stripped lowers? What warrants an extra $30-$40 if they are all mil-spec, same lowers, made of the same material? The logo?

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smoney's picture

Yea you've hit the nail on

Yea you've hit the nail on the head pretty much. They all basically come from the same set of factory manufacturers, but with different stampings for different companies (Spikes, Aero, Andersen, etc). PSA might make their own, but if its 7075 then it's good to go. If you're not looking to do a billet build, then I don't see the fuss in getting a dueling dicks Spikes logo lower when Aero and Anderson are regularly $30-40 cheaper. Plus, I'm an outdoorsman, so I prefer a horse logo over the dueling dicks haha.

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Picture states $79.00, but ad

Picture states $79.00, but ad states $89.95 WTH!

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1 vote

$17.15 shipping for 1 and

$17.15 shipping for 1 and $18.58 for 3

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2 votes

Great deal, except for $17

Great deal, except for $17 shipping.

1 vote
0 votes

Yeah really. Why the hell

Yeah really. Why the hell does the ad say free shipping when it's actually $17? Oh, and they are sold out.

3 votes
0 votes

These haven't been in stock

These haven't been in stock for months.

1 vote
0 votes

156 in stock

156 in stock

0 votes
0 votes

Been about a month since they

Been about a month since they were last in stock. Down to 106 @ 5:51 P.M. EST.

EDIT: 74 as of 6:12 P.M. These things are really going fast.
EDIT AGAIN: Sold out before 7:45 P.M.

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sucks that I cant find any

sucks that I cant find any FFL to do transfer on lowers at a decent price... around $60 is as low as I have found. That basically kills any deal online. I have found that Golden State Tact. has this lower for about $128 transferred as apposed to $80+$60= $140 transferred. This is for people local to Sacramento Ca.

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Im not gonna comment on how

Im not gonna comment on how much ur paying but to put it into perspective, in texas i pay $15/transfer ... $10 if u have a CHL.

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Get the hell out. Literally -

Get the hell out.

Literally - get the hell out of California. I almost wish they'd ban guns altogether in that godforsaken hell hole (or as close to it as possible) so folks would either leave en masse, find the cojones somewhere to actually fight their nonsense, or (most likely) just roll over, give up, and leave the rest of us to fight the battles that really matter.

**** California.

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Spikes lowers already sold

Spikes lowers already sold out. The deal lasted for one day before they sold out lucky for me I got (2) of them.

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These lowers are frequently

These lowers are frequently in/out of stock at Aim Surplus. Sign up for back in stock notification if you are planing on buying more. Great deal.

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All of Spike's products are

All of Spike's products are good, and these lowers are no exception! I just bought 3. Aim Surplus has fantastic service as well! They will probably sell out of these rather quickly again.

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