Springfield Armory 1911-A1 Range Officer .45 ACP 5" barrel 7 Rnds - $709.99 + Free Shipping

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Springfield Armory® has just introduced a new 1911 designed for people interested in shooting competitively. It is called— The RO™, “Range Officer™”. The RO™ is designed to give the shooter exceptional quality, at an affordable price. One of the goals was to create a pistol that is acceptable in many different styles of shooting competitions, so the shooter can decide which one he likes most. It is built with the same quality as the TRP™ and Trophy Match™ models, but Springfield has removed the “extras” that result in a higher price. It’s everything you need in a competition model, at an affordable price, and easily upgradable for your future needs.
Ships Brand New with Complete Gear Package
Caliber: .45ACP
Barrel: 5 in. Stainless Steel
Sights: Low Profile Adjustable Target
Trigger: Long, Lightweight Speed, 5-7 lbs.
Magazines: 2 - 7 Round, Blued
Grips: Cocobolo
Weight w/Empty Magazine: 40 oz.
Frame: Forged Steel
Slide: Forged Steel
Recoil System: Standard Guide Rod
Height: 5.5 in.
Length: 8.5 in.

Item Number: PI9128LP

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Category: Handguns
Caliber: 45ACP

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Still can't forget about when

Still can't forget about when it was $640 a few weeks ago.

8 votes
3 votes

Where was that?

Where was that?

2 votes
0 votes
Johnmoses's picture

I paid $739 for mine and love

I paid $739 for mine and love it. Great trigger,a and great craftsmanship. It took me several hours, and several replacement parts to get my Colt to come close to this weapons quality and accuracy. Springfield makes the best 1911'...PERIOD!

6 votes
0 votes
Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

What was your cost out the

What was your cost out the door John? Tax, shipping, FFL?

I paid $925 OTD for mine. I know I paid a little too much, but tax was like $60 and I would have had to pay $25 FFL and most likely the same to ship. Not sure how tax goes for online firearm purchases.

I've never bought a gun online before, only lowers... but I know from experience I like to put paws on the EXACT gun I'm buying, especially when it comes to high dollar items. I recently got worked on a Seekins lower. They took it back quickly, probably resold it, but I'm still in the wind for a replacement.

I watched a YT video of a guy who bought a RO off Gunjoker and the dovetail was so loose the rear sight fell off the slide when he tipped it over. All that turns into warranty headaches with or without shipping fees, so I'll pay my LGS a lil' extra to make sure it's not something I'll have to return. No surprises. I'll pay extra every time for that.

Besides, 1911's are so personal. I would never buy one sight unseen. This one spoke to me through the glass counter top like most of my guns before it..

She's a natural looker. Once I held it, looked down the sights, felt that trigger, I knew it was coming home.

Just holding her seemed to make her all wet and gooey so I figured what the hell, I took it straight from the register to the indoor range. 3rd and 4th magazines yielded sub 1" groups at 10yrds. 7 rounds in each oblong shaped hole. Couldn't be happier.

My new best shooter. Unreal, out of the box-accuracy. I thought my Kimber was good.

I'd love to know what lube Springfield uses at the factory, GOD this thing smelled GOOD.

My only complaint is how someone etched their employee or batch number underneath the rear of the slide. It's a nasty etch and seems like it would be excessively abrasive on the top of the hammer. WTF is up with that?

Still shoots like a wet dream. Highly recommended.

6 votes
2 votes
Johnmoses's picture

No....now I see what you

No....now I see what you mean....that etch should match the serial number on the Frame.....they match the frame and slide, and that is the slide number....mine is on the hammer cocking pad.

5 votes
0 votes
Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

I was unaware of the proper

I was unaware of the proper nomenclature but that's the spot. Is yours ultra nasty? Mine is sharp and jagged.

It only has 43 rounds through it though.

Its like the guy using the etcher was spun out on amphetamines, the dudes teeth must be ground down to stumps.

Any more pressure and he would have etched his way to China.

5 votes
0 votes
Johnmoses's picture

Yup, thats it. You can make

Yup, thats it. You can make sure it has no hi points. use some 800 grit...probably doesn't need it. That area is what the slide contacts the hammer to push the hammer back.

Great gun.

In the box there should be a coupon for mags....I got 10 mags for like $10 a piece.

5 votes
1 vote
Johnmoses's picture

i almost forgot, my

i almost forgot, my mainspring housing was missing the drift pin that is noticable from the back of the gun. It is a small pin that holds the mainspring down and in place. I have a call in to Springfield to see if this is normal or not. I think it's a mistake.

4 votes
1 vote
Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

Nah, I think that's for the

Nah, I think that's for the little tool they give you, looks like a sawed off end to an allen key, you put it in the hole to be able to remove the grip safety without removing the main spring housing itself... at least that's what I got from a YT video I watched on breaking one down for complete servicing.

I've yet to take mine down that far.

3 votes
0 votes
Johnmoses's picture

Well it's supposed to be for

Well it's supposed to be for the pin that holds the mainspring in place. I have never seen it missing in any other 1911, and none of my others are missing it. I should hear from Springfield soon.

5 votes
0 votes

Excellent gun, i bought it

Excellent gun, i bought it from those guys and their service was excellent. It is very accurate and has an amazing trigger.

7 votes
0 votes

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