Stack-On 36-Gun TOTAL DEFENSE Fire and Water Resistant Safe with Combo Lock Gray Pebble Finish $898.99 Delivered


The 36 gun Total Defense version w/ combo lock for $899 now at Walmart.

Lowest price I have seen on this safe which has fire resistance of 60mins@1400deg, 10 total locking bolts, and water resistance 2 feet from the base for up to 72 hours. The perfect basement safe and a nice size.

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bought this safe from WalMart

bought this safe from WalMart for my dad. All his stuff is locked in it right we haven't been able to open it for weeks. The hub internals inside the door broke. Walmart suggested I just toss the 600lb safe in the car and bring on over to a store for a refund. They weren't real concerned about the firearms inside. STACK ON HAS BEEN VERY HELPFUL. Probably the best customer service I have ever seen. Which has made the experience slightly less horrible. WALMART CUSTOMER SERVICE WERE THE RUDIST MOST UNCONCERNED AND UNHELPFUL PEOPLE ON THE PLANET.

Took the locksmith less than 10 min to break in using a cordless drill. He told me that this safe was a bad purchase on a Chinese safe with an inferior lock. He suggested I get a Liberty Safe.

And WalMart customer service is still worthless. The folks at Stack On were very helpful.

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If a locksmith can drill and

If a locksmith can drill and crack it in ten minutes then I would steer clear.

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Your locksmith was candid.

Your locksmith was candid. Stack-On "safes" are mere cabinets made with thicker metal. The locks - especially the electronic ones - are a joke.

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Funny this was $450 before

Funny this was $450 before black friday they went higher to lower the price on black friday. Now it is highest i have ever seen. F walmart and there tactics. I had a buddy who posted a bad review on walmarts website after having to fo through 3 of them. And they did not post it. Which tells me they only post what they want to on there reviews.

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This is not the same safe

This is not the same safe WalMart offered in their black friday ad. The model offered for Black Friday was the 24 gun. My father purchased one and has been very happy with it. For a sub-$500 safe, it seems to be very well built. Will it compete with safes by Pendleton, Champion, Fort Knox? Heck no!!! But then again you could buy at least a half dozen of the 24 gun models offered by WalMart for what one of those models would run you.

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I'm with Mr Infidel the one

I'm with Mr Infidel the one for Black Friday was $497 for a 24 gun key pad lock. I picked one up at my walmart that Sunday after Black Friday.

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