Stainless Tumbling Media | Stainless Tumbling Media Package - $224.95

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Package Deal Includes:

-5lbs Stainless Steel Media
-Thumler's Model B Rotary High Speed Tumbler #TT140HS Backordered
-LemiShine Detergent
Note: The 220v is for International use and does NOT come with an international plug. You will need to supply the motor with a plug.

Category: Reloading
Caliber: Equipment
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No deal at all...same price

No deal at all...same price on the store...vendor could at least do a 10% off coupon or something...lame

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$34 shipping to VA!!! Kills

$34 shipping to VA!!! Kills the deal for me.

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Jaredcm1's picture

Works fantastic. Only thing

Works fantastic. Only thing that is better is a concrete mixer and 15 pounds of the SS media. You can do 5 gallon buckets of brass at a time that way. Using this tumbler you can do about 1-2lbs of brass at a time. Much less with the Harbor Freight models.

Before and after of 4 hours in the tumbler.

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+1 on the rock tumbler from

+1 on the rock tumbler from HF. I bought 1 lb of SS media pins off ebay. Total price for everything was $45. You can find 20% off harbor freight coupons with a quick google search. SS media can be found on ebay pretty easily. 1lb of ss media is more than sufficient for my needs

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I use a rock tumbler i got

I use a rock tumbler i got very cheap at Harbor Freight... just some FYI

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I have been thinking of going

I have been thinking of going that way too, but not sure how well it would work. do you use SS pellets?

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I just use the corn media..

I just use the corn media.. works well for my .223 reloads.. that's all ive been pressing lately. I use just a little polish in the media but not too much so i can reuse it. The rock tumbler is a bit noisy but i just keep it outside... who cares. Its built like a tank. < they make a bigger one.. i don't reload more than a couple hundred at a time.

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