AR500 Steel Targets, on sale

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Slick gunners,

The SE line of steel targets are designed and manufactured in house by shooting enthusiasts.
We understand what's important in a target and the values your after as a customer.

Each of the targets are built to withstand a lifetime of use. Our targets are constructed from thicker than 3/8ths ( .385" ) Abrasive Resistant Steel with a Brinell hardness of over 500 (better known as AR500). You'll find no mild steel or low Brinell ratings here.

Our increased thickness over a vast majority of other options allows you to use your targets without worry of premature damage. A higher quality target, built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts!

We have slashed all our prices, most items are in stock and ready to ship.

We now have 1/4' thick AR500 targets in stock! Great value and perfect for pistols of all calibers and long range rifle shooting (200+ yards)

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Not happy with this company

Not happy with this company at all. I know places are busy, but I had ordered a couple of the ruger 10/22 mags thinking they were ruger, looking identical etc..

Once I realized they were not, (2 minutes after placing the order) I emailed them that I would like to cancel the order. Nothing.

Then I get a shipping notification, so I email again saying:
"I sent an email last night that I wanted to cancel this order. I sent it minutes after I placed the order due to these looking exactly like ruger's mags. Once I figured out they were in fact not, I looked up all the horrid reviews. I can either return them when they come I suppose if you provide me a return label now , or I can just decline delivery and file the charge as fraud with my cc company. Your call.

Thank you,

Nothing. Ended up getting the mags in the mail.

So careful.... the mags are junk, and customer service wasn't there for me at all.

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Brian, i never got your email

Brian, i never got your email asking to cancel the order. Are you sure you had the right email address? Until now I've not received any email communication from you or a phone call. As you mentioned you received the mags and that invoice has my phone number and email. Please feel free to call me and ill do what i can to help you out. Just as an aside, i have 4 of these mags and they all run 100% for me in my ruger 10/22.

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First email on Monday Feb 4th

First email on Monday Feb 4th at 12:45 am to
From "eqshack"

Second email Feb 4th at 9:10 PM after I got the shipping notification to Shooters Element ;

I do appreciate you responding here, but I've since gotten rid of the mags. Maybe my Ruger target is picky....

Just didn't like the fact I never heard from anyone.

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Im sorry to hear the mags

Im sorry to hear the mags didnt work. I see the problem now, my email is The support email address is just for our shipping notifications. Just a note, the manf tests every mag before it ships. They are bent on putting out a high quality product. If we can do anything to help in the future please let me know.

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If you want the best steel

If you want the best steel target on the market buy a Salute Products target!!!

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Solute does make some great

Solute does make some great products, but we are able to offer users a wide variety of targets made from the same materials as others but at a more affordable price. I hope you check our site out and pick a couple targets, you wont be disappointed.

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