Used U.S. Military .30 cal. Ammo Can - $10.79 (Free S/H No Minimum w/coupon)


Coupon "SG3459" for $10 of $99 or Coupon "SH1061" for Free Shipping No Minimum - Genuine "veteran" U.S. Military Surplus Ammo Cans are 100% WATERPROOF.

Watertight and airtight! And ready for a second tour of duty. Genuine U.S. Military Surplus Ammo Cans are must-haves for portable storage. Each is gasketed to seal out the elements and built to take punishment.

Rubber O-ring seal protects contents from dust, moisture
Rugged steel construction
Top clamps down tight
Lid is removable
Built-in side carry handles
All are Olive Drab.
Holds 5 boxes of 20-gauge shells.
3 3/4 x 11 x 7 1/4"h. Weighs 2 lbs., 14 ozs.
Condition: used, army surplus, in very good shape. Some may have minor surface rust due to long-term storage.

Item # L2M-8405

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Got 3 of them. Rust spots on

Got 3 of them. Rust spots on the outside. Aren't pretty unless you're looking for that worn/aged factor..

Inside was in good shape, no rust and rubber seal was in good shape.

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I bought two of these, they

I bought two of these, they were not perfect, but neither were they rusty messes or anything. They had a couple of very slight rust spots only on the top, where the stamped flanges connect the latch etc. it is light enough that I don't plan to repaint mine at least for now.

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Has anyone received any of

Has anyone received any of these recently? I am curious the condition they arrived in.

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Be aware that these will be

Be aware that these will be very rusty both outside and sometimes inside. If you don't care order away if you do know that it will take a lot of time to get these in good shape. You ate better off spending the extra money for new ones unless you don't value your time much and already have the materials to scrape, passing etc

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Just as a FYI, I ordered a

Just as a FYI, I ordered a dozen of these a couple months back...every single can was rusted pretty badly on the outside.

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I've been ordering from SPG

I've been ordering from SPG for years on surplus cans and have to say that the last two batches I've ordered from them have been in very rough condition, compared to numerous batches from prior years. HEAVY rust, bad dents, a few cans so badly damaged that they would not seal. SPG will do free-shipping returns, but at a certain point it just becomes a PITA to deal with.

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Do not call them to order

Do not call them to order these. This is a catalog price from a while back, the new price is $17.99 a can... But they are still honoring the online orders at the $8.97 price and the coupon SH199 still works for $4.99 shipping. Member price will not show upon checkout but I was assured that once the order makes it to the main order computer it will pickup buyers club prices and not charge the non-member pricing. Came to an even ~$50 for 5 cans, cannot beat $10 a can shipped. Hope the new batch looks good...

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SH454 worked for me for free

SH454 worked for me for free shipping. Non-member price was 15 for a .50 cal can. Not crazy good but fair IMO. Now just to see the quality they come in...

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looks like price got raised

looks like price got raised to almost $14...i got 5 in my cart from earlier today that are at old price somehow :)

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Where can you buy them

Where can you buy them locally for $16 ?

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I have a local small gun shop

I have a local small gun shop that sells them for $16. Also my local Ranch & Home has them for $16.

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Where can you buy yhem

Where can you buy yhem locally for $16

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I have purchased all sorts of

I have purchased all sorts of ammo cans from SPG: 30cal, 50cal, 40mm, 20mm, 25mm poly, etc.

The quality has run the gamut from almost new to " actually shipped that to a customer?". In the few cases where the can was in very poor condition, SPG either refunded the cost, or shipped another can at their expense.

The 'typical' can that I get usually has some rust, scratches and perhaps a slight ding (for 30s and 50s). The 40mm cans are usually in somewhat rougher shape with heavier rust, some pitted a bit and more scratches/dings. Nearly every 40 I've ordered has required a good deal of elbow grease to clean up as they have all needed repainting.

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Johnmoses's picture

I ordered a few. Its a great

I ordered a few. Its a great deal and I use these for all kinds of crap......Just wanted to say thanks for posting.

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I have gotten these surplus

I have gotten these surplus ammo cans in the past and have been very satisfied with the condition. I got a .30 and .50 with my latest order that arrived today and while the .30 looked good the .50 was filthy. There was grease and mud caked on the outside and the inside was covered in a white sand like substance. I was really shocked that they would send something in this condition. I had to spend quite a bit of time cleaning the can to get the bulk of the gunk off and it is still a mess. I ended up just covering the outside surfaces with shipping tape. I contacted Sportsmans and am waiting to hear back from them. I hope that this is not the type of can they are going to be consistently sending out now.

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They got back to me today and

They got back to me today and are giving me a refund for the .50 ammo can. I was not expecting a full refund and am happy with their customer service. I am hoping that the nasty can was just a fluke as I will definitely be ordering more from them in the future.

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I've never bought any at SG,

I've never bought any at SG, but have got two with ammo purchases.

The first was like new, but the second was a mess.
It was a little dirty, but had paint markings ALL over it.
Definatly not "in very good shape", and clearly heavily used.
I repainted with Rust-Oleum Camouflage in Deep Forest Green ($5 Wal-mart).
It came out great! Good paint!

I'm worried about spending $9 on cans that need re-painted when they are $16 brand new locally.

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I got my cans yesterday! 6

I got my cans yesterday! 6 of them. all 6 cans were in GREAT SHAPE! all did have a odor inside that I hit with some CLP to protect the metal as well as 86 the odor.

All cans seamed to have only been used once with very little to no scratches/markes inside them. insides looked NEW!

out side of 5 cans looked great with just a slight dirt film from storage NO RUST AT ALL
1 can while inside looked new the outside paint was marked all over, Im gonna store my gun cleaning chems inside it as its easily noticeable to me what can it is.

I did order more cans so I will post if cans are in any different shape then what I discribed

the freebee 8x21 barska binoculars are very small but work very well!!
Im very surprised in the quality that the clarity shows!

I might buy a pair of barska biggens to see long range idk

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I made 4 separate

I made 4 separate transactions for a total of 12 cans.

1st order as a non member I loaded 3 cans to my cart and went to checkout,
being prompted to become a member, I declined and was then given a last ditch effort to get me to join with a bribe of free shipping,double member discunt on the order, and a free pair of BARSKA 8x21 binoculars !

Like a hungry fish i took the bait!

At checkout I then used the member only coupon SN968 for $20 off! giving me a total of $33.90 shipped! order complete!

I then instantly went and loaded 3 more cans in my cart and went to checkout again, I used the member coupon SN968 again and my total was $15.90 shipped ! order complete!

"round 3" 3 cans, checkout, yada yada but this time the coupon was not valid due to as it reads you can only use the coupon 1 time , even though I had already used it twice! so I used the other code SN833! $15.90 shipped order complete!

"round 4 " 3 cans , checkout,yada yada. this time I tried both coupons again and both would not work . so I was happy that I got 9 cans orderd!
All this was saturday night

today being sunday I logged in just to try 1 more time as I wanted 12 cans. I dont know if its a daily thing or a glitch or what but tonight the coupon worked again!!

so all totaled out "keeping the membership and binoculars out of the equation"
x12 .50 cal cans shipped to my door for $81.60 "thats $6.80 a can each" A free 1 year membership, and a free pair of BARSKA 8x21 binoculars !

I will post back on the condition of the cans and the BARSKA 8x21 when I get them !

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they only allow two SN

they only allow two SN coupons per customer per year, most likely your latest orders will be cancelled...

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It looks like you are

It looks like you are correct. :[ I recieved an email about it so im not as happy as I once was

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Bought 10 and used $20

Bought 10 and used $20 coupon. They all were in excellent condition. Another great purchase from SG.

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Bought 7 and used the $20 off

Bought 7 and used the $20 off coupon... came to $53 shipped, decent deal. Some light scratches and a few minor rust spots. But the seals and insides are good. Mine had "PROX" stickers on them. A little cleanup with some WD40, they look great!

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If you're already a SG club

If you're already a SG club member, it's one heckuva deal if you get three and take off $20. At $6 each, to my front door is awesome. Reading the reviews, the quality is variable but my three are in very good condition. You can tell they got utilized, but only very lightly. Light scuffs. No rust. A little bit of grit inside. Excellent seal. One is marked 5.56mm, the other two are .50 cal. Same dimensions at a glance. (LC-10B387-411 and LC-10L647L136)

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Good deal, Don't forget to

Good deal, Don't forget to uncheck the "Add Package Protection for only 99", as its not needed for such a small order and saves you a dollar.

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Coupon SH222 expired on

Coupon SH222 expired on September 05, 2012

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use SH519, free shipping no

use SH519, free shipping no minimum

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