Used U.S. Military Colt M16A1 Parts Kit - $247.50 or less after coupon ($112 price drop) (Free S/H No Minimum w/coupon)

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Coupon "SG3459" for $10 of $99 or Coupon "SH1061" for Free Shipping No Minimum - This is like a time machine in terms of classic weaponry... you're going to think the guy in the White House's initials are LBJ! Because these are Colt® American factory originals, in exceptional condition...we can't say one is "new, never issued" but it's darn well close enough to that. Complete M16A1 Parts Kits with everything but the receiver, disconnector and barrel. Vietnam-era production and triangle style forend. Forward assist. Comes with one magazine. Condition: used, in excellent shape.

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 223/5.56
Brand: Colt
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Price just jumped back up

Price just jumped back up $112.50 from yesterday's price. Don't know what that was all about but the price is back to the $360 it was (buyer's club price).

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0 votes

I sure hope the two we bought

I sure hope the two we bought are at least average. I originally voted down on this but after the price drop it may be a fair deal. I'll update after we receive the kits.

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0 votes

Received both kits neither

Received both kits neither are really acceptable. One of the upper receivers is actually split open all of the hand guards are cracked and broken so we're sending them back. Honestly I can't believe they sell this crap as a kit to start a retro build.

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I got mine in this week and

I got mine in this week and they were both quite good. There was only one "tooth" on a handguard that was chipped off and the piece was still in the box so I was able to glue it. Most of the parts were there except for a few small pieces like a detent, detent spring, barrel pin, hammer pin, a bolt catch pin, etc. Maybe $10 in parts from Brownell's to cover both kits. Definitely inventory the parts and be careful not to lose any of the small parts. Expect to take some time scrubbing the old grease off. I'd recommend completely stripping them down including all of the upper receiver parts, buttstock and the delta ring assembly.

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Same here. Got two just in

Same here. Got two just in case they are sub-standard I can at least make one good one out of it.

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This price is for members

This price is for members otherwise the price is $399. which isn't a good deal.

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NOMAD91's picture

I dont see how this is a deal

I dont see how this is a deal anyway, when you can build a Palmetto Ptac/Freedom for $550, a CHF middy for $650 or outright buy a Colt A1 sporter for ~$700

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weezeremo's picture

I was gonna say good deal if

I was gonna say good deal if they came with the new US made barrel. But im glad to read that some people bought these and the quality was suspect. I mean ive used rack grade M-16A2's and if they were military used.. to call them "excellent" might be a bit far fetched.

1 vote
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STILL $100 too high

STILL $100 too high

2 votes
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Only $100 to go for these to

Only $100 to go for these to resemble a deal

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So are these parts semi or

So are these parts semi or can I use for a 3 round burst or FA?

2 votes
3 votes

The parts are FA (carrier,

The parts are FA (carrier, fire control, possibly third pin etc.) minus the missing disconnector due to the ease of reassembling this kit in a FA configuration had it been included. If you owned a M16 receiver it really wouldn't be a bad idea for spare parts if you are wanting to stick to only using original Colt parts.

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So it is for an M16A1, so no

So it is for an M16A1, so no 3 rnd burst anyhow... (That was an A2 feature). 2nd, no receiver, so you must buy/ mill your own... 3rd; in order to build/ make a NFA firearm; make sure you buy/ get/ fill out the Type 2 form and pay your $200.00 BATF Stamp... big no-no to have a full auto ( even if only 3rnd burst capable) weapon, with out first having the tax stamp. Regards...

1 vote
1 vote

You need a lot more than a

You need a lot more than a tax stamp to legally assemble a machine gun (i.e. class II manufacturers license). Also the kit I had (and returned because they're all pretty much garbage) included 2 disconnectors and no sear, which I was planning to sell on gunbroker at the peak of the panic. I ended up exchanging it for another kit that was also in terrible condition before I sent everything back for a refund.

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ordered 2. returned 1. kits

ordered 2. returned 1. kits are in horrible shape so its worth doing your own "hand pick". On top of that, I called to complain about how bad they were and they sent me replacement parts in better shape. Sportsman's customer service is top. I would have just returned both but I had already bought a barrel. When I ordered mine, they said kit was in like new condition. They have since smartened up. Throw away small parts. Use a new LPK. The legality of the small M16 parts is unclear. Not worth having them around. In the end, I guess I dont regret the order. Got a cool upper.

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