Winchester .22 LR 300-Pack with Limited-Edition Oak Box - $25.99 ($5 S/H over $99)

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Price: $25.99
Price per round: $0.087

Coupon "84FLAT" for $5 Shipping on orders of $99 or more - Experience the consistent accuracy and reliability of quality Winchester .22 LR rimfire ammunition and enjoy the utility of a limited-edition wood storage box when it’s gone. You receive 300 rounds loaded with 36-grain hollow-point bullets in a handsome oak box you’ll find a multitude of uses for. Only available from Cabela’s.
Consistent accuracy teamed with reliable performance
Loaded with 36-grain hollow-point bullets
Comes in a Cabela’s-exclusive oak box
Item: IK-218398

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Category: Ammo
Caliber: 22LR
Brand: Winchester

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Coupon Code: 84FLAT
$5 Shipping on orders of $99 or more
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After shipping to CA, it ends

After shipping to CA, it ends up being 11.6c/rd. Way too expensive for just a fancy little box.

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This ammo is "meh" quality

This ammo is "meh" quality plinking stuff. When you add in shipping (I don't have a Cabelas near me unfortunately), I simply can't justify this "deal" ona per round cost basis. I'm sure the little wooden box is quite nice, but I don't need more crap around my house, and if Cabelas wants me to have a branded box to remind me to purchase from them, they can add it in for free to sweeten the deal (not charge more for the "package").

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bought one of these back in

bought one of these back in october 2013 $19.99+shipping. then around black friday was a sale $16.99 free shipping had to get another. wooden box is good quality can be used for things after you shoot the ammo .

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The one box limit is a pain

The one box limit is a pain but I have a Cabela's an hour from me. I have been ordering one box of assorted .22lr almost every day for the past two weeks. I figure I will go another couple weeks or so and then go pick it all up.

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PRICE WAS $16.99 + Tax +

PRICE WAS $16.99 + Tax + FREE SHIPPING, not the $19.99 listed. Not as good as last year's price of $14.99 + tax + (free shipping over ~$100)

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Thank you! Thank you!! Free

Thank you! Thank you!! Free shipping with coupon code "3winter"!!!!

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The one box limit ruins it

The one box limit ruins it unless you live near a store

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1 Box limit sucks, but free

1 Box limit sucks, but free shipping more than makes up for it.

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I'd rather it be priced at

I'd rather it be priced at the $13 box of ammo it is and they can keep the Chinese wood box.

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ATIMATIK's picture

lol, good one

lol, good one

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Scored me one thanks poster

Scored me one thanks poster and thanks cabelas best prices anywhere also, best price on shipping.

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Where i live .22lr are hard

Where i live .22lr are hard to come by this is a great deal + you get an box. Thanks Cabels's for placing limits on these only way i would ever be able to get a box.

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1 vote
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It's pretty much like that

It's pretty much like that everywhere bud.. I travel for business so I'm in different cities every week. No matter where I go I always peek into some of the LGS's and Sporting Good stores and the .22 shelf is always bare.. I was in SC a few weeks ago and the guy told me the same people hang out in front of the store every morning waiting for shipments

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Got one. Picked up 3 100pk

Got one. Picked up 3 100pk of 9mm as well at $27/per 100 to justify shipping a little. Not bad; not great, but not raped. Cabela's always surprises me.

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grabbed one too, 6 cents a

grabbed one too, 6 cents a round with the neat little oak box isnt a bad deal at all ! Thanks

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Thx for the post. Got 1,

Thx for the post. Got 1, added 1 22lr minimag, some 223 to order by phone for in-store pickup. Gives me an excuse to go to store and spend more when it arrives, eta 8-18. Luv the box

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