Winchester Gun Safe, 24 Gun Capacity - $549.99 (Black Friday 2014) Available NOW

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Store your guns where you know they'll be safe with the Winchester® Gun Safe. It provides excellent storage for your guns to keep them safe from theft or fire. This steel, 24-gun safe is the perfect self storage for any gun enthusiast and can hold any and all guns from pistols to rifles. The beautiful granite exterior also gives you the classic Winchester® look.
Fire Resistant to 30 minutes @ 1,400° F
UL listed electronic lock
UL listed for Burglary, RSC & California DOJ Compliant
Holds up to 24 long guns
Palusol® door seal
2 layers of 1/2 in. fireboard in body
4-way active bolt work
Twelve 1-1/4 in. dia. locking bolts
Steel thickness: 12 ga.
Auxiliary relocker
Drill resistant hard plate & chamberlain disc
Door panel organizer
5-spoke handle
Convertible gray interior
Durable granite gloss powder paint finish
Cubic capacity: 22.5 cu. ft.
Weight: 507 lb.
Limited lifetime warranty

SKU 1043297

Category: Accessories
Caliber: Safes & Storage
Brand: Winchester
MPN: TS-22-11
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I bought this 2 weeks ago at

I bought this 2 weeks ago at my local Tractor Supply at regular price ($699.99). I stopped by there last week and it was on sale. I did get my $100 + tax returned. If I didn't like the safe, then I wouldn't have bothered sharing this sale with the slickguns community. External size was my #1 concern and this happened to be the best quality one I saw and it happened to be priced decently. Yeah it's got external hinges, but it also has 10 locking bolts too. I'm very happy with my purchase. FYI: 500 Lbs is no joke for 2 guys. Trust me.

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Mr Infidel's picture

My concern wouldn't be the

My concern wouldn't be the external hinges. Hinges control how far the door opens (i.e. safes with internal hinges typically open to around 90 degrees, while external hinges allow the door to open around 180 degrees). My concern would be the thin 12 gauge steel (0.109 inches thick) used in construction of the safe. However, with that being said, any safe is better than no safe!!!

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While true, let's keep in

While true, let's keep in mind most of us aren't being targeted by Ocean's 11. The military teaches you any obstacle can be breached with enough time. That's why you must layer security. In home protection that would mean a monitored alarm, dogs, etc. to minimize the time anyone who did break in would have in your home. I'm LEO in a large city and I can count on one hand how many safes I've seen taken in burglaries, and not one of them had an alarm as well as a safe.

I left my gun safe with a friend for 2 years while I was overseas. He was burglarized twice (about 2 months apart, they hit him then waited for his insurance replacements then hit him again). My Ft. Knox was in his house. They never even tried to get in it.

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Key thing to note is that you

Key thing to note is that you had a Ft. Knox safe.

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It wouldnt take an Oceans 11

It wouldnt take an Oceans 11 crew, all it would take is a hammer and a crow bar. These safes are a joke. Do your research, they can be opened pretty easily.

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