Winchester Military-Grade Buckshot 12 Ga., 2-3/4", 00 buck - $3.99 ($5 S/H over $99)

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Price: $3.99
Price per round: $0.798

Coupon "4FALL" for $5 FLAT Shipping on orders of $99 or more - Buckshot loaded to military specifications is now available to the civilian market. Each 12-gauge 23⁄4" shell has a nine- pellet load of buffered 00 buckshot produces a muzzle velocity of 1,325 fps. All cases are green with a black anodized head for low visibility. Five rounds per box.
Item: IK-216572

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Category: Ammo
Caliber: 12GA
Brand: Winchester
UPC: 020892018808
MPN: Q1544

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Coupon Code: 4FALL
$5 FLAT Shipping on orders of $99 or more
Expiration date: 2014-10-14 23:59:59

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This is good buckshot. I

This is good buckshot. I bought some back when they were close to $1/rd just to try them, and I compared them side by side to Wolf and Federal flite control 00 buck in a Remington 870P. The Federal grouped the best, with the Wolf being a surprising close second (surprising considering they're cheap). These held their own against the Wolf but were much more consistent from round to round. The Wolf rounds had a report and flash that varied a lot from shot to shot - kind of odd but not indicative of tight quality control.

At .60-.75 I think they're a good value if you want something reliable for defensive or hunting purposes. For general plinking the Wolf is most likely a better bet.

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For those with a Cabela's

For those with a Cabela's store within driving distance - these are $2.69 per box of 5 right now, but price is good in store only. Sale price valid through December 11. Cheapest Ive seen them ever.

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All you guy's are forgetting

All you guy's are forgetting these are Mil-spec!!!

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akarguy's picture

These are the exact same

These are the exact same round as Winchester Super X, comparisons of which are all over 'them Internets'. you're paying more for a green paint

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Its hard to type sarcasm...

Its hard to type sarcasm...

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With shot shells, pattern and

With shot shells, pattern and wad are important. I've seen Federal LE group tighter and more consistent that Rio. Is that the case with these? Other than that, I dont see it... For 3gun or other bulk usage of buckshot, anything that cycles a 930 would do just fine...

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akarguy's picture

I was just in Cabela's the

I was just in Cabela's the other day and there were plenty of other choices that brought 00 buck down to 60 cents per round. These must be the John Deere of shotshells.... paint them green and charge more.

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jjmIII_Ruger's picture

I guess the deal is "its in

I guess the deal is "its in stock"

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BUFF_driver's picture

Agreed, I've been seeing

Agreed, I've been seeing these at every store I go to for the same price without shipping. Didn't really think they were a "panic" item...

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jjmIII_Ruger's picture

Looks OOS now... Available

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