Windham Weaponry MPC .223Rem/5.56NATO 16" barrel 30 Rnds - $709 shipped (Free S/H on Firearms)

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A team of the finest firearms people in the U.S.A. has been re-assembled to bring to market the highest quality AR type rifle possible. These good Maine folks - all former employees of Bushmaster Firearms - offer many years of experience in the industry, and all look forward to working with you, to serving your needs, and to building you a great rifle. And, Windham Weaponry, Inc. will back up that promise of quality with a Transferable Lifetime Warranty on their rifles.

Caliber: .223 Rem. / 5.56mm NATO
Type: Rifle
Action: Semi-Automatic, Gas Impingement System
Capacity: 30 + 1 - Ships with one 30 Round Magazine
Safety: Manual Lever with Indicator Markings on Both Sides of Receiver
Receiver: M4A4 Type Flat Top Upper Receiver with Detachable Carry Handle
Receiver Material: Forged 7075 T6 Aircraft Aluminum with Aluminum Trigger Guard
Receiver Finish: Hardcoat Black Anodize Finish
Bolt Material: Carpenter 158 Steel - MP/HP Tested
Barrel: 16 inch M4 Profile, Chrome Lined with A2 Flash Suppressor
Barrel Material: 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel
Rifling: 1 Turn in 9` - Right Hand Twist
Stock: 6 Position Telescoping Buttstock with Windham Weaponry Logo
Forend / Pistol Grip: M4 Double Heat Shield Handguards / A2 Black Plastic Grip
Rear Sight: A4 Dual Aperture Elevation and Windage Adjustable: 300 - 600 M
Front Sight: Adjustable Height Square Post in A2 Standard Base
Packaging: Hard Plastic Gun Case with Black Web Sling and Operators Manual
Item Number: R16M4A4T

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Category: Rifles
Caliber: 223/5.56
Brand: Windham Weaponry
UPC: 848037000033

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I don't know why all these

I don't know why all these expert ar guys never talk about the bushmasters an armalites issued in Iraq An afghanistan in a very dusty dirt ridden area. Or do average people even know the government issued bushmaster an armalites. Who wants to dispute eye witness. You never hear people talk about that.They held up just like the colts. The guys never said when issued I got to have a colt.

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While I can see the allure of

While I can see the allure of a complete rifle, for this kinda coin the average not-so-skilled person can buy better parts from PSA and get all of the tools you'll ever need for working on AR's, and still have enough left over for a few Pmags.

Not knocking the rifle, just pointing out options that, IMO, are better.

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Dirtman's picture

Lifetime transferable

Lifetime transferable warranty, that plus the fact that my Windham has never had a failure of any kind and is just as accurate as my PSA build.

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I've never seen a warranty on

I've never seen a warranty on a rifle that was put together from parts from multiple manufactures.

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I took my new Wyndham AR to

I took my new Wyndham AR to the range this weekend where it ran flawlessly. The rifle had absolutely no problems. It was zeroed at 25 out of the box and shot very respectable groups at 100 yards (all in the black, except for a few operator induced fliers). The fit and finish was perfect. The rifle locks up tight. There were no handling marks, tool marks or other blemishes. This is very solid AR for a good price. A lifetime warranty makes this a far better choice over the PSA and Anderson rifles other members recommend.

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0 votes

I own a Windham SRC and it's

I own a Windham SRC and it's a great rifle but with rifle prices dropping like the Titanic I think the prices on these need to stop dropping considering I'm seeing other similar class rifles in the $550 - $650 range. But they do make a quality rifle.

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1 vote
Dirtman's picture

Best rifle for the money

Best rifle for the money

2 votes
0 votes

right, caus u can't buy a

right, caus u can't buy a better configured AR-15 for less than this price lately. mmm hhhh.

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0 votes
Dirtman's picture

Do you own one?

Do you own one?

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0 votes

I bought one of these. no

I bought one of these. no thanks. give me a S&W Sport. my sample had handling marks on the upper. deep anodizing rubs from the brass eject kicker. I'm def not a fan of WW rifles. Some of their stuff like their "most wanted kit" sure, but their assembled rifles are second shelf.

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3 votes
crabbysam's picture

I agree with Bill on this

I agree with Bill on this one. I personally have nothing against Windham but for others to say definitively that this Windham rifle is the best bang for the buck on a decent entry level mil spec AR15, well....that just isn't the case.

For example, You can get a mil spec DelTon 316 with or without Magpul furniture for under $700 Both have a lifetime warranty, I do however like the transferable warranty Windam offers, that's a nice perk, and not one that's offered by many manufacturers. Maybe I'm not being impartial as I own a Del-Ton 316 and a Colt. My point here is there are many other good deals on quality AR's other than Windham.

Right now it's clearly a buyers market as there's a glut of AR-15's on the market as a result of the panic buying going on for the last 2 years.

Any time there's a scare and you have the manufacturers cranking their machines 24/7 for a period of months or years, will eventually result in a glut of inventory. Just go to any gun shop and see the racks are full of inventory. Heck I bought this 6.8 upper with decent specs for $399,
(Don't make fun of my welded A2 flash hider, Soon as 6.8 ARP barrels are back on sale, that will replace this welded insanity, but even welded, its a decent FN made barrel that shoots well.

Granted it's not in the same league as a top tier $2,000+ LWRC 6.8, but it's a hell of a deal due to the glut of inventory. The money I saved offset the costs of me buying a LWRC advanced 6.8 bolt/ Nib carrier and many other upgrades I may not have had surplus funds to buy them with, this is a direct result of the supply glut getting me a good deal.

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Virgle's picture

The life time warranty

The life time warranty definitely adds to the value of this rifle. You don't have that when you build your own.
Prices are still dropping, how low will they go?

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0 votes

I like it! But unfortunately

I like it! But unfortunately overpriced in current market, with PSA complete uppers @ $415 and Anderson $57 lowers ( which is great, I got one to see), and $117 MOE build kits and a $40 MOE sight adds up to $100 less than this...

3 votes
2 votes

you're nuts... this is the

you're nuts... this is the lowest price I've ever seen for this rifle. an SRC without front sights or carry handle is a smoking deal for $699... haven't seen it for much lower than that. the carbon model I believe have been $599-$650 in recent posts. this is their flagship model. kudos to you if you ever see it for less than $700.

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Cabela's local stores have

Cabela's local stores have them for 600 now and again, but it is rare. The point he was making was that right now you can get a standard lower and a premium upper for around 600 bucks. I myself just purchased an Anderson lower, MOE parts kit, PMag, MOE rear sight, PSA premium Bolt Carrier, MOE charging handle, and PSA premium upper for a shade over 600. The PSA premium has a much better barrel than the Windham and it is 1/7 instead of 1/9.

Now the price isn't bad if someone wants a fully assembled rifle, but it isn't that hard to assemble a lower.

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I see, this is the point

I see, this is the point where we throw reasoned discourse out the window and start linking video comebacks.

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0 votes

The only issue I have had

The only issue I have had with mine is hearing douche bags tell me I should have bought a Colt.

10 votes
0 votes

should have bought a 308

should have bought a 308

1 vote
2 votes

Watched a guy pay 1200 dolars

Watched a guy pay 1200 dolars for a colt and walked away with it in a cardboard box. I bought my Windham and got it in a gun case. Have put over 2000 round of all types of ammo never a problem.
Great AR for the money.

8 votes
0 votes

The best price I have EVER

The best price I have EVER SEEN for this rifle!!! Forget about this being "ex bushmaster" people. This is made by proud Mainers who are grateful to be back at work for this revived company. 5 minutes on reading the Windham moderated section and you'll see this is a company that is responsive, and plugged in to its customers. The product fit and finish is far superior to Ilion NY factory making bushmaster now.

4 votes
0 votes

Agreed. I would buy this

Agreed. I would buy this over a Bushmaster. A lifetime warranty that is transferrable is unbelievable.

5 votes
0 votes

Ruger offers the same kind of

Ruger offers the same kind of warranty on all their guns. It's not unbelievable.

I have a Windham. No comparison to the Bushmasters I saw. Windham is a much better gun.
Can you assemble a gun for less? Sure. Not everyone wants to do this. I think this is a very solid option at a good price point and comes with a warranty to match their confidence in their product.

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0 votes

Good rifle, mine is not picky

Good rifle, mine is not picky on ammo

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0 votes

Spikes Lowers

I own one and there is

I own one and there is NOTHING wrong with this rifle! It's a great gun at a good price so buy a Colt for several hundred more if you want to worry about labels and quit bitching.

3 votes
0 votes

I understand that this is in

I understand that this is in stock, and that makes it attractive to many folks given the environment, however, this is not a great price for this brand of rifle. Given the current climate, if you don't have an AR15, you may not have many options if you are in a hurry to buy one.

2 votes
6 votes
Dirtman's picture

Now let's hear from someone

Now let's hear from someone who actually owns one.

I've shot a bunch of different rifles and simply don't see any practical difference between this one and more expensive options. "Maybe" the trigger is a bit tighter than some others I've tried, but that's an easy fix. Thousands of rounds through mine with not a single failure of any kind. Any ammo, any time. Great rifle.

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Be glad people are buying

Be glad people are buying these though, it adds to the secondary market which is a good thing regardless.. If the AWB passes it means more pre-bans around. If it doesn't it means the market will be flooded with second hand ARs and prices will bottom out :)

Although for the time being it sucks.. for everyone.

The AWB most likely won't happen - Americans don't want it, period. A small minority do though and sometimes that's enough.

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Prices are at an all time low

Prices are at an all time low now... lol if only people listened to your comment, i tried telling others and they looked at me like i was crazy, my only regret is not selling every last one of mine mid panic, and theres that lower that cost half as much as my most recent build that i was talked into buying right at the start just incase, but you learn from your mistakes i guess 99 dollar complete polymers and psas forging coming out to around 120ish will help me forget lok

1 vote
1 vote

these are made by bushmaster

these are made by bushmaster exemployes,,,bushmaster was sold,,and closed for 2 years the owner cameback again with his crew building the best ar15 in usa ,,good value

4 votes
0 votes

Bushmaster isn't even close

Bushmaster isn't even close to the best made ar15s. Not even the best economical solution....

1 vote
1 vote

Please explain why they are

Please explain why they are not close? Do they not shoot as well, do they break down more, do they shoot straighter, are they made cheaper?? Don't just throw it out there and not explain... Because, I personally have experience with Bushmaster and they have all been flawless...Just because it's cheaper or you don't like the company, doesn't mean it doesn't work as well as more expensive ones.. Tell us what an economical one is that works better...Don't be a bandwagon basher unless you can explain why.

5 votes
1 vote

The simple fact is that you

The simple fact is that you can get a much higher quality firearm by buying separate parts for a cheaper price.

Anderson Lowers are averaging around 49 dollars right now, and you can get full MOE lower kits with stocks and tubes for around 89 dollars. With PSA offerring crazy low deals on complete uppers (319 for a complete HF FN barrel upper and 79 for a complete bolt assy), you can easily come in under 600 total for a very nice AR.

Why would anyone want to spend 130 dollars more for an basic AR? Plus this upper is a 1/9, which is going to limit you to the lower grain rounds.

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I agree. Since they are ex

I agree. Since they are ex employee's of Bushmaster and are tainted (in some peoples eyes) by the Bushmaster name; if they expect to make it in the arms industry they certainly need to make quality firearms to do so. I think their life time transferable warranty definitely shows they have confidence in their rifles and are willing to back it up. I'm willing to give them a try.

5 votes
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