Yugo AK-47 Pistol Model PAP M92PV 7.62x39 caliber, Semi-Auto AK Type W / 5 - 30 Rd Mags - Hand Guns - $399 shipped

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Beautiful 7.62x39 caliber AK Pistol built in the famous Zastava Arms factory. Comes complete with 5 - 30 Round Mags

Semi-Auto, Flip type dual rear site and additional flip up front sight that converts from traditional v-notch to 3 dot.
Hinged receiver cover for easy access to internals and automatically lines up to lock back into place.

Accepts all 30 round AK mags. Features bolt hold open when used with Yugo AK Mags...
Legally accepts all high cap AK mags and drums.

These are extremely nice - Limited Quantities

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Category: Handguns
Caliber: 7.62x39mm
Brand: Zastava

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$399 shipped is a great deal.

$399 shipped is a great deal. Also comes with 5 Mags! Wow.

I had it in my cart and was checking out, when it popped up that the item was out of stock.


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ATIMATIK's picture

I don't have an AK in my line

I don't have an AK in my line up but have always wanted one to add to the collection. I don't know much about these, seeing how budget is a big consideration, is this one the one to get?

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I would get a full sized ak

I would get a full sized ak first imo these have to much recoil to shoot all the time without a stock, if you want something that costs the same the cz sporter 2008 is close but its an ak variant and will be my next purchase

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0 votes
ATIMATIK's picture

Thanks Sophie, would you

Thanks Sophie, would you happen to have a link of what and where you are considering getting the CZ variant? I agree about getting a full size first. Couldn't I just get a full length stock and put it on this? (I don't know much about the world of AK so thanks for putting up with me!)

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Is it less than 16" in total

Is it less than 16" in total length? if so this could be my new open carry pistol.

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No, its 19.75'' total length,

No, its 19.75'' total length, and at 7lbs its a little to heavy to carry on your person, however I threw mine into a tennis racket case and I can go all over without raising an eyebrow.

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Wish Colorado never came out

Wish Colorado never came out with the magazine ban! So upset right now! Sacrifice the mags and just get the firearms? Don't mind if I do...

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melaflander34's picture

I grabbed one of these from

I grabbed one of these from Bud's for $420 last month. No regrets as I got the wood finished by my fiance's dad over Christmas, but certainly a "damn it" moment. I did get two Yugo hold-open mags from Bud's however with the order. You win some, you lose some!

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you didnt lose at all ... I

you didnt lose at all ... I paid 699 for the "shooters package" from classic during the panic ... it was a lose/lose situation for us ... dont sweat a few extra mags its a fine deal you got on a beautiful AK variant. I live in Houston TX supposedly the most gun friendly state in the country and I can honestly tell you I cant think of one gun shop in this 4th largest city that would sell this pistol to you for anywhere near what they sell online.

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Dang if I waited 2 more weeks

Dang if I waited 2 more weeks I would have got 4 more mags ----- this is an awesome deal !!
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