Yugo N-PAP DF Semi-Auto AK Type Rifle W / Underfold Stock, Cal. 7.62x39mm, 2x30 rd Mags - $599

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Yugo Zastava N-PAP DF Semi-Auto AK Type Rifle With Underfold Stock, Cal. 7.62x39mm, W /2 -30 rd Mags, with Wod Handguards and 45 Degree Muzzle Break - High Cap. Accepts all standard high capacity AK-47 mags and drums. Cleaning rod.

Product Specs
• Cal. 7.62x39mm
• Underfolding stock
• Hammer forged barrel
• Comes with two 30 rd. mags. and a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty!
• Barrel: 16.3", Overall: 37", Weight: 7.7 lbs.
Not available for sale in CA, NY, MA, NJ, CT, HI, MD or where prohibited by law.
Condition: New
Caliber 7.62x39

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 7.62x39mm
Brand: Century International Arms Inc.
UPC: 787450231832
MPN: RI2174N
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I don't understand. Bought

I don't understand. Bought one and the number are not matching. How is that possible?!

The bolt and the receiver are off by +1. Then the certificate of manufacturing from zastava is a completely different serial number.. WTF?

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I had the same issue. Haha

I had the same issue. Haha

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NewMexican's picture

Believe it. There is even a

Believe it. There is even a thread for guys trying to sort out the serial numbers on the 'files. The certificate from Zastava that came with my O-pap clearly says N-pap all over it, not to mention the numbers are absolutely different. These things have no bearing on my love of the rifles. Rule #1: enjoy the hell out of them!

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0 votes

DAM, I better check the ones

DAM, I better check the ones I got. Then again it's from Russia.

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0 votes
NewMexican's picture

They are from Serbia, guy.

They are from Serbia, guy.

2 votes
0 votes

Not a great deal! But did

Not a great deal! But did business with them and they answer all my emails, had a good price on both the rifles I was looking at, accommodate my request for the two rifle, got a parts kit from them, and was very accommodating when I had an issue. Keep the prices drop and I'll be buying some more stuff! Thanks Classic!

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Was $579, which I did not buy

Was $579, which I did not buy because Meh price.. Now is $599!


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0 votes

+1 for staying away from

+1 for staying away from Classic Firearms, I recently purchased a Waffen Werks AK-74 from them & almost immediately started having failures to feed. I contacted Classic & long story short the problem is the chrome lining in the barrel is too thick which isn't a huge ordeal. The problem lies in the fact that Classic & Waffen Werks is well aware that they are selling rifles with problems, so much so that they know what range of serial #'s is effected & have hired a private armory to do the warranty repair work, I can only assume because the # of rifles being returned for repairs would overwhelm Classic & interrupt production at Waffen Werks itself. I am aware that any mass produced product can have issues however a manufacturer & retailer knowingly selling products with issues & passing them off as good is completely uncalled for & just bad business. It's your $, spend it where you want but Classic Firearms & Waffen Werks has gotten the last cent they're going to get out of me! The owner is a complete an utter moron with a huge chip on his shoulder & he has absolutely zero personal skills. I will gladly spend more elsewhere just to never give him another dime & I highly recommend everyone do the same!

1 vote
0 votes
Richardito's picture

I can also narrate the story

I can also narrate the story of how they shipped a rifle to my HOUSE instead of my FFL!!!!! Bunch of...

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0 votes

AVOID Classic Firearms. They

AVOID Classic Firearms. They have some of the worst customer service in the business. Owner is a sanctimonious jerk off. If you read their terms and conditions you'll get a good idea of the kind of people you are dealing with. Peddle you stuff, if your not happy, too bad not their problem.

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$60 more than the same one

$60 more than the same one with polymer handguards.. If the wood is new production and not surplus parts, then this is ok. Not a crazy deal, but not bad price.

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0 votes
NewMexican's picture

The one you describe is not

The one you describe is not the "same one with polymer handguards" This deal is for a Serbian made rifle. The polymer version from Classic is the M70AB2T. This is assembled in the USA from a surplus parts kit, using a US made barrel and receiver.

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0 votes

Why are these called N-PAPs

Why are these called N-PAPs if they're made from parts kits with US barrels and US receivers? I thought N-PAP was the full Yugo imported rifles.

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0 votes

This is an imported N-PAP

This is an imported N-PAP rifle. Here are some better pictures and info from Atlantic Firearms:


It also comes with one Yugo and one Tapco mag according to Debbie at Classic Firearms.

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i see nothing saying these

i see nothing saying these have US receiver and barrels. It says it has a cold hammer forger barrel as the Yugo's use. It probably has the same compliance parts as the N-PAP with fixed stock. FCG- Pistol Grip-Piston-Muzzle Brake

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melaflander34's picture

Does anyone have a range

Does anyone have a range report on these/quality of build?

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0 votes
Damir's picture

Range report? It's an AK.

Range report? It's an AK. Expect 2.5-3 MOA. The barrel is a tad bit more accurate than the average AK.

0 votes
0 votes
NewMexican's picture

Way to resurrect a 14 month

Way to resurrect a 14 month old thread. Ever heard of stale dated?

Anyway, if melaflander34 wants to know, I have the O-Pap and my brother in law has the N-Pap, both fixed stock. The quality of build is very good.

As to range report, both Paps are less accurate than my WASR. Then again, I may have been lucky because no one in the world believes a WASR can outshoot an AR, but my 1974 10/63 does just over 1 MOA when shooting Federal hunting cartridges (w/ scope and bench rest). Just over 2.5 MOA with Tula from Wally World.

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1 vote

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