Zastava M70A 9mm Pistol - $239.95

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New production Yugoslavian Zastava Arms M70A 9mm Semi-automatic (Tokarev) Pistols. The M70A is a single action semiautomatic weapon with a safe locking and trigger mechanism. The M70A functions on the principle of a free recoil of slide. The pistol is loaded with features including a detachable magazine, which is safely connected with the magazine well. All the Metal parts are made of high quality alloy steel, and handgrips are made of of a High strength polymer. Includes 2-8rd Magazines.


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Category: Handguns
Caliber: 9mm
UPC: 787450222595
MPN: HG3182-N

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I have 1 of the first 100 new

I have 1 of the first 100 new of these in the 7.62x25 and there was nothing even remotely wrong with it. It has fired over 500 rounds without a single problem. The gun fired more reliably than my new Taurus and it is a gun I would use to carry. the workmanship is on par with most guns out there. I am buying one of the M70a's next week, I feel that the gun is only cheap in price not in quality. This will replace the gun I currently carry - a 1945 Ballester molina .45.

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Bought one from AIM. It came

Bought one from AIM. It came covered in oil from the factory. Has some minor rust on it straight from AIM inside by the firing pin. Front sight installed crooked. In 50 rounds of Silver Bear 9mm, I've had 2 jams and one misfire from the firing pin not striking the primer hard enough. The jams may have been caused from the magazine, hard to tell. I believe that the safety was done by Century Arms, and is backwards compared to most 1911's. Up is fire and down is safe. It looks to be a somewhat amateur job on the safety and there is a ball bearing that is visible looking at the side of the gun. Once a little dirt gets in there, I think it's a lost cause. Overall, if I had to do it again, I'd spend the extra $200 and get a Glock 19 or double and grab a Sig or HK. This isn't something that you can feel comfortable carrying loaded because of the safety, and appears to be marginally reliable. I prefer weapons that work when it counts, and are safe to carry loaded with one in the chamber.

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I own one of these. Mine has

I own one of these. Mine has a front sight that is slanted (it leans slightly to the right). The rear sight also came loose the first time I fired it.

The gun operated reliably and was fairly accurate before the rear sight came loose.

If I could go back in time, I wouldn't buy it again due to the issues with the sights. I can fix the rear, but the damn front sight being crooked drives me nuts.

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This is a good piece for a

This is a good piece for a good price. I wonder if it has all Tokarev dimensions. It would be cool to order "WW2" holster for it from Russia.

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One of the retailer's that

One of the retailer's that pop up here all the time has a disclaimer about the new production tokarev's having issues. A c&r tokarev might be the way to go.

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Which retailer?

Which retailer?

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This is based off the Yugo

This is based off the Yugo M57 frame. These Tokarevs are longer at grip section of the frame area and hold one more round than the normal Tokarevs. Other then that, a regular Tokarev holster should work. A 1911 4" holster works also.

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single action. must have

single action. must have fairly light trigger and short reset? should be fairly accurate w/ longer barrel. How would you describe quality of workmanship?

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I have one of the first 100

I have one of the first 100 of these in the 7.62 x 25 and the workmanship was excellent. NOW I did have to clean it but that is something I do with all my guns. Is it worth buying a resounding YES. That it is chambered in a readily available round like the 9mm and you have a winner.

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