Zastava M85 7.62x39 Bolt Action Rifle, CAI Import - $399.95

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Zastava M85 7.62X39 Bolt Action Rifle, CAI Import. This is a Zastava M85 bolt action 7.62X39 rifle with a 20 inch blued barrel. It has been drilled and tapped for scope mounting. Features folding leaf rear, hooded ramp front sight, checkered walnut stock with sling swivel studs and pad. Imported by Century Arms International. MFG in Serbia, part# RI1975-N. Comes with one 5 round internal box magazine. New in box.

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Category: Rifles
Caliber: 7.62x39mm
Brand: Zastava

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I almost bought one as I

I almost bought one as I really want a bolt action rifle in 7.62X39 caliber but read too many negative reviews, principally about the action. The action, by the way is not a controlled feed mauser action. It is a push feed action much more similar to the Sako 46 action. It has a long rib that looks like a fixed extractor but it’s just a guide rib. It is a push feed with hook extractor but with a fixed blade ejector. The biggest complaint about the rifle is that the inside of the action is very rough and requires a lot of polishing and grinding to smooth it. I don't mind a bit of work on a rifle that otherwise gets good reviews, but this sounded a bit excessive and beyond my limited gunsmithing skills. On the plus side, the rifle is fairly accurate (2MOA at 100 yards) and the bluing is excellent. The stocks are nice walnut but poorly finished and will need some work to get them looking nice.

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I have one. Its a nice rifle

I have one. Its a nice rifle but ill just add this. Last time i had this rifle out to the range it was getting light primer strikes 30-40 percent of the time. Also the bolt was really hard to pull up after each shot ... Like really really hard ... Sometime it would feel downright stuck. I need to look the rifle over again and see if its just a minor issue or major issue.

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It sure looks a lot like

It sure looks a lot like this:

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Oh its definitely NOT a CZ

Oh its definitely NOT a CZ lol not by a mile ... I held a CZ 22lr at the range just a few days ago and it looked like a work of art compared side by side to my zastava. I didnt realize til then why people tout the cz rifles so much. They are beautifully made.

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Any thoughts on this rifle?

Any thoughts on this rifle? I'm having a hard time finding reviews. It would sure be nice to have another option for putting 7.62x39 downrange, especially if it's a bit more accurate than your standard imported AK.

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Put some nice optics on it;

Put some nice optics on it; looks bad that the rear sight is so far forward ( a bad AK receiver cover issue ), which shouldn't be needed in a bolt action... but at least there is no flimsy receiver cover like on an AK ( which is why you have the side bolt on mount )... so this should be able to be tapped and then a nice 2 piece scope mount should be a great anchor for a good piece of glass. Best of luck; report back in if you get this, and have fun shooting...

PS: ALways like nice wood furniture! Sweet

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Yeah, I'm not a fan of the

Yeah, I'm not a fan of the rear sight position, but I'd probably scope it anyway.

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