New Zastava Tokarev M70A 9mm 4.5" barrel 8 Rnds - $199.95 + S/H

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CAI Zastava Tokarev M70A Semi Auto Pistol, 9mm, New. This is a Zastava Tokarev M70A semi auto pistol in 9mm caliber. Features 4.5'' barrel, single action. Includes two 8rd magazines, instruction manual and proof certificate. Manufactured by Zastava in Serbia. Century Arms Import. CAI #HG3182-N. New.

Category: Handguns
Caliber: 9mm
Brand: Century International Arms Inc.
UPC: 787450222595
MPN: HG3182N
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Just received my M70A. A

Just received my M70A. A little rough on the slide. Was going to take my dremel to it but decided to put a couple hundred rounds through it and see what happens. Beautiful pistol. As close as I will ever get to a 1911 because of my budget. Total cost, with FFL, was $236. For a new piece of shooting steel you can't beat it. Mine is number 0006432. Less than 10,000 of these have been sold but that is a temporary situation. Get yours soon because the price will only go up. My first experience with J&G. Won't be my last. These guys rule. See you on the range!

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Great service by J&G, ordered

Great service by J&G, ordered Sunday night, order processed and shipped Monday, got the call from my FFL by 1pm Wednesday! Also impressed that though their website added shipping costs for both the pistol and the extra magazine I ordered at the same time, the actual $20 shipping charge to my CC was only for the pistol. Also, no Sales tax! I have not taken it to the range yet, but am impressed with the fit and finish for a $200 deal.

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Is this the original caliber

Is this the original caliber from the factory? I thought these things didn't come in 9mm.

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M70A is a modern enhancement

M70A is a modern enhancement to the original TT33 Soviet design which used the 7.62×25mm Tokarev round. I believe the M70 is also still made with that caliber, the M70A in 9mm. That caliber used to be very cheap as imports, but nowadays cost 40 to 50 cents /round which makes this model more practical to own and shoot regularly.

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Great firearm for the money.

Great firearm for the money. I have had mine since last year and after 1 jam in the first 10 rounds. I have put around 1500. Without a problem. I paid 200 during the summer of last year. Only gripe is that the mags can be hard to find at times but be patient and they will be back in stock.

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For the money you won't buy a

For the money you won't buy a better made gun ! Very solid all metal eats any ammo and very accurate great buy don't miss this great deal even with the shipping . There going for $300 plus at gun shows !
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JUNK,JUNK,,do not buy,,your

JUNK,JUNK,,do not buy,,your better off buying a HI Piont,

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5 votes

Just curios Walt. What

Just curios Walt. What problem did you have with the one you bought? Must have been huge! I haven't shot mine yet but, after doing my initial cleaning, it appears to be everything I hoped it would be for $236 total. Does yours not fire safely?

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You have got to be kidding

You have got to be kidding me?!

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$27 to ship, fuck that...

$27 to ship, fuck that...

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Ordered one from J&G and got

Ordered one from J&G and got it a week ago. Spent some time at the range yesterday and was very pleased. J&G sent it to my dealer very quickly. I was pleased with the finish of the gun, nice bluing, no rough spots at all. Trigger is a little gritty, but after about 150 rounds, I can feeling it smoothing out. Shot a variety of FMJ without any failures of any kind. When I'm doing my job, the gun is very accurate. I'd say it's an excellent buy, especially if you love Tokarev's like I do. Fun addition to the collection.

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Got one from AIM last year-

Got one from AIM last year- numbers didn't match, 9+1, pin straight shooter, love it! All steel service-type pistol eats any kind of ammo. All my friends love it.

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Buy these from aimsurplus ,

Buy these from aimsurplus , they are one of the few to not jack their prices up and have great customer service. Screw buds!

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Yes sir..AIM all the way.

Yes sir..AIM all the way. Great company.

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just got one from buds

just got one from buds ,,,,mine holds 9+1

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Ive debated buying one of

Ive debated buying one of these. Does anybody that has one like it and think it is worth it?

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yes it is worth it! cost me

yes it is worth it! cost me 240+18 shipping plus ffl. Love the pistol-its heavy, all steel. Centerfire just had the compact version on sale for $199 w/ free shipping

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