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Price: $6,950.00
@Aim Surplus

Yugoslavian M53 8mm Semi-Automatic Rifle Package - $6950.00 Semi Automatic Yugoslavian Mod 53 (ie German MG42) manufactured using MG53 original components with new US made receiver. This rifle was distributed 3-4 years ago by Century Arms. This is an extremely nice rifle! More information below. PACKAGE INCLUDES: Custom Transit Chest Spare Barrel Barrel Carrier 200rd Linked Can 3 50rd Drums 1 Double Drum Carrier 1 MG-3 Tripod Scope for Tripod Bi-pod Sling Supply Bag 1 Case Romanian 8mm surplus ammunition 760rds SKU#: F1M53PKG
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@Aim Surplus

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Price: $399.99
@Dunhams Sports

Mitchell Mausers Model 24/47 8mm Mauser - $399.99 (Valid on Black Friday 2013 in-store only) Bolt action 8mm, 23 1/4" barrel. Reg. $600
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