100 pack - 7" Reactive Splatter Targets - GlowShot - Multi Color - $22.00 + FREE Shipping on orders over $49

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GlowShot 7" Multi Color Reactive Targets. You will "See Your Hits Instantly." These targets use GlowShot Technology to produce a colored ring around your hits. No more walking down range or picking a spotting scope to see your hits. Each ring is a different color so you can see your hit location easier. These targets are made of a heavy duty reinforced tag board to withstand dozens of shots. Attach the target to any surface. When you are done shooting, you can remove the target and take it home for analysis or bragging rights. 7" Targets come in 40 and 100 Packs. - Search GlowShot for all our 6", 8", 10" and 10"x16" Target Sizes and Packs.
Item model number: 7001-100

Category: Accessories
Brand: GlowShot
MPN: 7001-100
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Just FYI: The photo above is

Just FYI: The photo above is VERY misleading.

I have a few hundred of these targets, and have used them extensively. In reality, they're not that great for small-caliber rounds like .223 / 5.56. They work MUCH better with larger caliber, like most handgun rounds. Unfortunately, since you're likely standing close enough to see the holes in your target if shooting a pistol, much of the benefit is wasted. With 5.56 rounds there really is NOT that much of a reactive "splatter" pattern made, and you almost need to be next to the target to notice any "reactive" color bleed.

Sure, these targets work great and at this price are one of the best deals going, but the photo above, is NOT what you will get / experience with these targets. They simply do NOT produce anywhere near that much reaction / visibility around the puncture hole.

YMMV, but I've bought enough of these over the past year to know that they all perform the same, so it's not product variation.

All-in-all, it's still a good deal and it gets a thumbs-up from me, just do NOT go by the photo. It's not even close to what you'll experience.

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I had the same problem. They

I had the same problem. They work great if you shoot them with something .30 or bigger, but .223 will not make very visible marks. They're as good as any other splatter target at 100 yards with an AK-47 though.

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just ordered--- thanks for

just ordered--- thanks for finding this deal guys--- that is super cheap @ .25 each

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I definitely recommend these

I definitely recommend these targets.

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I tape these to my dog for

I tape these to my dog for target practice with my 1911. The 45ACP in the 1911 will not over-penetrate! I love my dog!

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Very good deal!!

Very good deal!!

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these are nice. for a

these are nice. for a quarter a piece, you can't go wrong. they are made out of nice heavy duty plastic. I shot groups within the inner color (green on mine) at 90 meters with my AR. Had to view the targets through my cheap spotting scope but it worked great. I'm very happy with these and will be ordering more.

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If you need them quick, get

If you need them quick, get them somewhere else or upgrade the shipping.
I ordered a week ago and they still haven't shipped. Expected delivery is over a week away still.

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I chose the free shipping

I chose the free shipping option, and to my surprise, had them in less than a week. (4-14-13)

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Yes. When you choose free

Yes. When you choose free shipping, Amazon sits on the package a week + before shipping! Drives me nuts!

Think they want you to join their Prime?

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I've had prime for 3 years.

I've had prime for 3 years. It is one of the best things I've had, and hasn't cost me anything. 2-day shipping for free on almost everything I order? Hell yeah.

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I love these targets. The

I love these targets. The best value I have found. I like them, because I think I save on ammo by seeing were the round go's. Especially on .22's.

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Not self adhesive? Can you

Not self adhesive? Can you even see the target from 50yds away?

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what do you want for $0.25

what do you want for $0.25 each? gold plating?

They are shoot and see style and they work--just buy yourself some tape or a stapler.

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self adhesive are >1$ a piece

self adhesive are >1$ a piece in walmart :-(

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For some reason the picture

For some reason the picture shown on the Amazon listing is different from the picture shown here. I wonder if they changed target design? the 7" targets used to have a larger Red circle with white lines inside (as shown here on SlickGuns) but at Amazon they show the smaller red circle same as the 6" designs. Anyone received a 7" can confirm if there's been a change or which picture is correct?

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image updated

image updated

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sweet! grabbed a few packs.

sweet! grabbed a few packs. will make for some good gifts to some fellow firearm-ists :)


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