1 X 7.62 x 39 mm Caliber Cartridge Laser Bore Sighter Boresighter - $7.98 shipped

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No more wasting ammo and money sighting or zeroing in your iron sights, red dots, or scopes. A common misconception that the rifle is sighted from the factory. Dead accurate sighting and zeroing your scope at 100 yards.
Material: High Quality Brass
LED Type: Visible Red Laser
Dot Size: 1.5" @ 100 yds
Laser Wavelength: 632-650 nm
Sighting Range: 10-75 yards
Model number#: GRG762LBS

Category: Accessories
Caliber: Flashlights & Lasers
UPC: 608702569087
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Doubt if you can see the red

Doubt if you can see the red dot on the target in daylight at 100 yards. Maybe if you are using something that is HIGHLY reflective like white background licence plate. It's easier to sit the rifle down and brace it, pull the bolt, look though the barrel at your target at 100 yards, then move the scope to match what you see down the barrel. Free shipping on that method. Prime not needed.

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Bought this product to sight

Bought this product to sight in an ak, worked when I first put the batteries in it . stopped working after I placed it in the chamber not worth it

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thomas67's picture

Thanks for the warning on

Thanks for the warning on this one.

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At 50 yds i sight in my

At 50 yds i sight in my scoped ak by aiming the irons at the bullseye on a couple of sandbags then i just look through the scope and move the reticle over to the bullseye. This method gets me within 2" at 50 yds.

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This item isn't sold by

This item isn't sold by amazon so it doesn't qualify for super saver shipping, shipping is $14.74, which is more then doubles the cost.

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I see free prime 2-day

I see free prime 2-day shipping from Dixie for $9.99...

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Shipping is free on this item

Shipping is free on this item by the third party seller

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The above link goes to the

The above link goes to the seller Maxsports, which is 9.95, + 15 shipping, if you view other sellers, there is one for 15 with free shipping.

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