80% Arms Universal Machining Jig Set for 80% Lowers - $89.99

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This is IN STOCK. Ships in 1 day.

The 80% Arms jig consists of 5 individually replaceable plates that show you where to drill your lower. It makes finishing your 80% lower at home with a drill press or mill much easier. In addition to being compatible with 80% Arms lowers, our jigs also work with mil-spec forged lowers as well as most other billet 80% lowers.

Free shipping on orders over $100!

A step by step guide to finishing your lower with an 80% Arms Jig can be viewed at this link: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0218/5770/files/Jig_Manual_80_Percent_A...

Ships quickly via USPS Priority Mail.

Category: Accessories
Caliber: Cleaning & Maintenance
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I've used it with TM 80%

I've used it with TM 80% lowers and Grabaguns 80% lowers and they fit fine.

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Does the router base come

Does the router base come with this? If not, will the router base fit your universal kit or is it only for your "80% AR-15 Easy Jig" kit and can it be purchased separately?

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Router base is only

Router base is only compatible with our Easy Jig. The Easy jig is totally different from this one.

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I have both your universal

I have both your universal jig and the Easy Jig. I'll tell you, you if you just made a pock plate that used the larger drill bit holes that the Easy Jig uses that would make the universal kit drilling go SO MUCH FASTER :D. Seriously, I'd buy that part tomorrow if you made one. Drill out all the tiny holes vs. doing the large holes from the Easy Jig makes a HUGE time difference.

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wtf - shipping is *not* free

wtf - shipping is *not* free for this item @ 89.99? Am I missing something - a coupon code perhaps?

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Shipping is free on orders

Shipping is free on orders over $100 per the description :)

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Will these work on the

Will these work on the tactical machining 80% blem lowers that are advertised above? If so I smell a couple packages coming soon...

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Yes it works with just about

Yes it works with just about any Ar-15 lower, Tactical Machining included.

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I placed an order for one of

I placed an order for one of these 10 days ago. As of today it still has Not shipped.

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We were backordered in Dec.

We were backordered in Dec. Our website notified you of a backorder when your order was placed. These are back in stock again and ship in 2 days. Website always shows the most current in stock of backorder statuses.

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alright preparing myself for

alright preparing myself for the flame but what is the point of buying an 80% upper and jig? Just the DIY aspect or what?

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The point is to built your

The point is to built your own rifle and be off the radar when SHTF.
With government busy staging false flag events in Connecticut and Colorado, it's only a matter of time till they confiscate all your guns.
By the way there is no need to anodizing your jig. I'd leave it in raw aluminum color , this way you see better when you cut which is lower receiver material and which is jig material.

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Deal worked, preordered the

Deal worked, preordered the 308, time running out, but they are on Pacific time

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I just ordered an 80% Arms

I just ordered an 80% Arms jig kit, along with an extra D upper shown in the center of your picture,
I am disappointed in the fact that you folks show the unit anodized, both here and on your site,
yet I got a complete unit in the raw, but the extra part D that I ordered for it was anodized like in the picture.

So I will put off placing an order with you folks for the lowers I wanted, because now I'm now not sure I will get what you show me!

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Our website clearly states

Our website clearly states that you need to let us know if you want the jig anodized. We do this at no extra charge, you just need to request that option. In any case, we would be happy to exchange your jig for an anodized version.

This is quoted directly from the page you ordered on, which can be found here: http://www.80percentarms.com/products/80-ar-15-jig

"Important: The photo of this product shows an anodized jig. The type III anodizing gives the jigs a nice dark grey color instead of the normal silver color. To allow for a quicker production process, we now anodize your jig ONLY if you ask us to. The default color will be silver. If you prefer your jig to be anodized dark grey like the one in the photo, please put a note in the notes section of your order requesting this and we will anodize your jig. There is no extra cost for anodizing Both types are in stock and ship within 1 to 2 days."

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I'm not trying to be a dick

I'm not trying to be a dick and go back and forth with you.

If its as you say, then yes its my fault for ordering over the road on my cell phone
and not dragging the screen around far enough to see that this was the case.

In hind sight, It would help out guys like me if there was a drop down with the choice
Instead of having to read about it at the bottom of the product description.

Thanks for getting it out in record time though!

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No worries, that's

No worries, that's understandable. We're working on a redesign of the website to make it a lot easier to use. Admittedly, it's not the most easy to navigate layout as is. Hopefully by next week the new site will be live.

If you want to swap for an anodize jig, it's no trouble at all. Just shoot us an email and we'll get it done for you.

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weezeremo's picture

Good customer support!

Good customer support!

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Will these jigs work on the

Will these jigs work on the lowers posted by gunpartsplus.com and aresarmor?

4 votes
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Yes they will.

Yes they will.

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