Auto Ordnance Thompson Full Auto 45 ACP Model 1928 - $13999.99 (Free S/H on Firearms)

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In a catalog published by Auto-Ordnance in the 1930's this model is referred to as the "Navy Model," .45 caliber. The U.S. Navy ordered 500 of this model and helped keep struggling company alive. It was used by U.S. Marines in Nicaragua and was described as very effective in the jungle fighting. The catalog also notes this gun was then in use by the Army, Navy and Coast Guard. The "Navy Model" utilizes the horizontal foregrip, compensator and sling swivels although it was offered either with vertical or horizontal foregrip, with or without the compensator. The cyclic rate of fire was reduced to 700 rounds per minute.

Manufacturer Number 1928
Action Full Auto
Barrel Length 10 1/2", Finned & Threaded
Overall Length 34 1/2" overall
Caliber 45 ACP
Grips Walnut detachable stock and vertical foregrip
Sights Blade front, open rear adjustable
Weight 11 1/2 lbs.

Item # ATR-1928

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 45 ACP
MPN: 1928
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Quite the deal for a preban

Quite the deal for a preban full auto thompson actually.

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jharkey's picture

For $14,000............. Must

For $14,000.............
Must be autographed by Al Capone

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This is actually CHEAP for a

This is actually CHEAP for a transferable Thompson 1928 Navy.. I don't know alot about 'em - there're a ridiculous amount of different models and variations, but I know the Navy's were nice. For some reason, I was thinking Navy's had different rear sight's, but apparently I was wrong :D

Take a look:

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I posted this since I have

I posted this since I have been looking at this for a while now. On GunBroker they are closer to 18-19 grand so this is a pretty good price from a reputable seller. I hope slide fire comes out with a solution for a semi auto version :)

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That's a REALLY good idea.

That's a REALLY good idea. There wouldn't be a very big market for it, but the handful of Semi Thompson owners out there would be pretty damn happy :D

[ed] And this definitely is a civilian "class 3" right? As in, it's not a Pre-sample?

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It's full auto... those

It's full auto... those things don't come cheap.

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When you also consider

When you also consider filling a 50 round drum of 45 acp costs about $20, its not cheap to shoot on full auto, either.

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