BER8045F Brand New Beretta 8045 F (45 ACP) White 3 Dot Sights - $459

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This is a Brand New Italian MFG Beretta 8045 F in 45 ACP. Occasionally we will run into an all inclusive deal, well here it is. Brand New, Yes that is correct Brand new. Imported Beretta Model 8045 F (45 ACP) SA/DA Decocker, this thing has it all. Included 2 Brand New (8)rnd Magazines, Owners Manual, the Pistol of course, Beretta Lock and Hard Carry Case.
01 Type FFL only
Not for sale in: D.C., NJ, CA, Cook County Ill, or any other state with Strict Handgun Restrictions!
Buy 2 or more and the price gets even better !!!
Stock Number: BER8045F

Category: Handguns
Caliber: 45 ACP
Brand: Beretta Usa
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I have the 9mm version of

I have the 9mm version of this gun and it is very well made and shoots great. Easy to break down and clean as well. I tried to buy this from Wideners a few months ago and after not hearing anything from them for a few weeks I canceled the order. I'm in Florida with no restrictions.

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1 vote

These nice folks wont sell

These nice folks wont sell ammo to NJ either. Cant seem to get a real response from them why except the robo reply. IT IS ALL PERFACTLY LEGAL, we buy from many other online stores and spend lots of $. Their bias to us in NJ is shameful.

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Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

The only thing shameful is

The only thing shameful is New Jersey's views and unconstitutional laws against the 2nd Amendment.

Like Ronnie Barret said, when officials who are sworn in to protect the Constitution create sinister and unjust laws against it, they are in essence criminals and he can not be accomplice, service or sell to any known law breaker.

Interesting and well thought viewpoint. Worth the read:

The rest of the industry should follow suit.. Leave these states defenseless and vulnerable to all crime and injustice that would run rampant without the rights of the Second Amendment.

Jersey and it's residents who elected these criminals along with the others can go to hell.

You reap what you sow.

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2 votes

News flash!- I am not a law

News flash!- I am not a law breaker. I am a law abiding citizen, not one of our corrupt 2A stomping elected officials. Why would you advocate for me and other folks go defenseless and vulnerable? Do you actually wish us harm?! Btw I am fully aware of the growing list of firearm industry manufacturers/stores that refuse to sell to whomever. But for Gods sake dont restrict sales to the citizens just govt agancys. And also to be clear, I and many others here are very well armed and supplied so we're not all the sheeple you profess us to be but thanx for your kind thoughts.

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1 vote
Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

Sorry for your luck. It

Sorry for your luck. It wasn't personal. All I can say is if you're a hard working American who is a licensed FFL and running a gun business, dealing with your state can be a hazard to ones personal and financial well being. Personally, I wouldn't have anything to do with your nazi state either. Too much micro management and bs laws to follow and hoops to jump through, just to get "YOU" a gun. It must be a giant headache to keep up with all the laws and regulations... Expecting manufactures to design and build firearms that coddle and enable your stupid laws. It's time consuming and unneeded, not to mention UNCONSTITUTIONAL and is a burden on us all. Gun laws are a slippery slope. Actually, they're more like a fast spreading cancer that needs to be cut out fast.

Where it really gets serious is if that business owner (FFL) isn't up to date on all these petty intricacies and ships something "illegal" to the wrong state or even county. The chance that that fine American could lose all he's worked so hard for, because one of YOUR elected officials have a vendetta against liberty and the right to bear arms. Why would or should anyone take such risk just to make a sale? NO business should have to tiptoe around these states. So I say cut em off.

If your elected representatives do everything in their power to overthrow the document they were hired and sworn to protect, then essentially they are criminals and your state and counties should NOT be served... This will incite unrest as it has done you, and in mass numbers it will create change. Regardless who you are or what you think, the fact remains your communities voted these shysters in, so you either gotta agree to lose, vote against to regain, or just fucking move. Stop supporting your own demise. This country's demise.

If you want change, you gotta start it. That's why I make half the comments I do here when I see ignorant people making even worse decisions that hurt us all. I don't know what's worse, the shit that's going on in this country, or the fact that most are too stupid or blind to see past their own nose. It's like an epidemic of total stupidity.

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Is this package still for

Is this package still for sale? How many do you have for sale?

Thank you


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So tell me why this pistol is

So tell me why this pistol is restricted for sale to NJ? It meets all requirements for legality... Well, you just lost a sale.

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Another one... The only place

Another one... The only place in Cook Co of IL with "strict" handgun restrictions is the City of Chicago; the rest of the Co is fine. And even this postol perfectly qualifies for the City, too (given, the purchaser has necessary permit). Rather sad...

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