Browning FN Hi Power 9mm - $399.99

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These are Belgian-made Browning Hi Power 9x19 pistols imported from Israel. They have various authentic markings such as the Star of David, Leige, NATO, etc. Ours were manufactured from the late 1970s through 1990.

The bores are excellent . They all feature the exterior extractor, magazine saftey and fixed sights. Different grips, hammers and safeties available. Special requests cost extra and are subject to availability. All of these pistols are collectors items and are world-reknowned as some of the finest handguns ever manufactured.

Category: Handguns
Caliber: 9mm
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I was unimpressed with the

I was unimpressed with the quality of my pistol I got last time and was equally as unimpressed with RTI's operation. They charged me and then took over a week to ship the pistol citing that the one person there who can ship pistols was out sick or something. Save your money and get something better quality from a reputable vendor.

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Obviously coming from an

Obviously coming from an ignorant raghead I would have expected nothing less. Thank you for showing your ignorance. IWI happens to manufacture some of the worlds best weapans in the world. Take a look at the Baby Eagle, the Uzi, etc You also failed to read the description. BUT this ad stated that the Hi Power is Belgian Made....with Israili markings. They were made for Israel....what part do you not understand. Go pound sand! Duh..........................

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I recently ordered one of the

I recently ordered one of the Royal Tiger Inport Israeli Hi Powers. I ordered one of the "Very Good" versions.

I picked the gun up today and offer the following opinion:
- It was "Fair" at best with worn bluing and surface scratches.
- It came without a magazine (I have contacted RTI to have them correct this problem)
+ It has the Star of David logo
+ Matching numbers
- It has the number 4 engraved on both sides of the trigger.

I went into this knowing I might need to have the pistol cerakoted. The bluing wear and surfaces scratches should not prevent me from doing this. I should end up with a nice Hi Power.

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Don't forget the TAR-21 and

Don't forget the TAR-21 and variants!

If Israel uses it it's likely quality - they have to use their gear 24/7 to deal with the ****heads they're surrounded by. Not gonna go into a political rant but their production values are NOT usually (ever, as far as I know) considered crap.

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Like a pure thoroughbred Arab

Like a pure thoroughbred Arab horse, the Browning is a pure Belgian thoroughbred. So, if you cross bread an Arab thoroughbred with another horse you end up with a freak. The point is, when you get a browning made in Israel or have a star of David on it, then it is not a thoroughbred anymore.

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Anyone knows where could I

Anyone knows where could I get one of the FEG Hi Powers?

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Reminder about their previous

Reminder about their previous Browning Hi Power Sale

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Wow...based on the previous

Wow...based on the previous deal's comments, I would plan on refinishing the entire pistol before ordering!

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