Butler Creek #M0112563 Steel Lips 25 Rd Smk 10/22 - $14.99

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Search for BCEXPSS25SM - The speed and efficiency of our Hot Lips 10/22 Magazines, plus the enhanced durability and function of stainless steel.

Category: Gun Parts
Caliber: Magazines
MPN: M0112563
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Cabela's has these in stock

Cabela's has these in stock for $26.99 making Natchez still a better deal regardless of others opinions.


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I hate Natchez they always

I hate Natchez they always sell stuff that few days ago was in stock on psa plus add their markup. These morons just resell psa stuff. Hate this company. Because of them psa deals expire so quickly

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"These morons just resell psa

"These morons just resell psa stuff. Hate this company. Because of them psa deals expire so quickly"

Really and you have proof to back up your slander. I don't buy from them and never have because their shipping has always been way too high

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Just watch. Remember what was

Just watch. Remember what was on sale from PSA last week and see what Natchez sells tomorrow. Blazer 9 mm ammo PSA was selling a week or two ago for $14.99 and it was yesterday sold by Natchez for 17.99.

Few days ago PSA had rimfire deals. Mostly federal packages for 540 rounds and also 100rd packages GameShock. They not shipped yet. But if you see Natchez sells the same stuff today or tomorrow please remember my words.

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Trying to complete an order

Trying to complete an order from PSA is a pain in the arse. Tried getting in for that Federal deal got all the way to checkout before the site crashed. Did manage to grab a few boxes of that blue boxed CCI though. Got a tracking # already should be here tomorrow

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Hate them or not they are in

Hate them or not they are in stock for an overall cheaper price point than PSA. I've ordered from both and although Natchez is a whole $1.50 more "their markup" Natchez charged me $10 for shipping and PSA charged me $15 for shipping. Making Natchez an overall better buy.

Pennies aside in the state of chaos we're in if you can find good hi-cap mags for a reasonable price buy them! We can always make more money.....

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PSA charged me 7$ shipping of

PSA charged me 7$ shipping of two

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