CCI Mini Mag .22LR 36gr Copper Plated HP 100ct 0031 - $14.95

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Price: $14.95
Price per round: $0.150
@Ammunition To Go

.22 Long Rifle
36gr Copper Plated Hollow Point
1,260 FPS/ 127 Ft Lbs

Amount: 100
Category: Ammo
Caliber: 22 LR
MPN: 0031
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Awesome! That's only triple

Awesome! That's only triple the price I usually pay!

What a bargain!

Oh... and... GONE!

What, does that dude only get one box of ammo at a time?

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Gotta be insane to pay this

Gotta be insane to pay this much for cci .22 LR ammo...

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