FDE Forged HUUCR Receiver Set - Materiel - Umbrella Corporation - $360

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These upper and lower HUUCR receiver sets are finished using Cerakote's premium ceramic coating technology well known in the firearms industry. Not only does it provide for a flat dark earth color scheme it imparts additional durability, corrosion resistance, hardness, and resistance to solvents and chemicals. This FDE matches our rifle grip extremely well so it only makes sense to include Grip 23 as part of the package. To help our customers who are more concerned with abusing our products and running their rifles hard, we decided to Cerakote a small number of blems to provide the same dark earth color scheme but at a reduced cost. Ongoing production numbers are uncertain since blem quantities are impossible to predict so snag a set when they are available. Please note that while the product photos don't show the HUUCR laser engraved designation, every FDE receiver set will be so marked (sets are being engraved now and will be shipped as soon as the batch is complete).

Set includes one FDE third generation stripped HUUCR upper receiver, one FDE fourth generation stripped HUUCR lower receiver, and one FDE Grip 23. For specs on the individual components, check out their respective sections on the website for details. Assembly by a qualified Armorer is required.

NOTE: Umbrella Corporation only ships firearms and firearm receivers to FFL dealers. Customers may purchase from the website and have their dealer of choice email a copy of their license directly to FFL@ucwrg.com with the customer's name in the subject line (as a matter of policy we DO NOT accept faxed FFLs). When you create your account or check-out, please enter your contact information/shipping address and not your dealer's. There are specific fields now for FFL transfer information and we will only ship your receiver set to the address of your chosen FFL. Any associated transfer fees assessed by the local dealer are the responsibility of the buyer and not UCWRG. Know the laws of your state or locale: Umbrella will not ship lower receivers to CT, DC, NY, or to restricted cities in CA, IL, MA, or MD. Please contact us directly if you have questions or require clarification.

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 223/5.56
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Pretty sure HUUCR means BLEM

Pretty sure HUUCR means BLEM in regular speak.

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Yes, and they machine the

Yes, and they machine the HUUCR into the parts as well. Im unsure how they know when machining that they will become blems. Maybe the guy on that machine drops things alot.

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I have a huucr in black and

I have a huucr in black and good luck finding the blemish is all I can say. One thing I know for sure is the huucr looks better than my psa blem and that one was nice too. I have a spikes non blem that didn't look as good. I would also bet the cerakote job covers up anything they would call a blem

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It is a little pricey but if

It is a little pricey but if you take the cerakote into consideration, which you should, then it isn't bad if this is something you are looking for.

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Kinda expensive for a forged

Kinda expensive for a forged job, you think? I just picked up a billet upper and lower from Mega Arms for $345. Yes, it didn't include the pistol grip but I am just sayin'. Guess that coating is worth the difference....

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It's a tad pricey but not TOO

It's a tad pricey but not TOO bad. The Cerakote bumps it's worth up a little bit. Still running about $160 per piece, so it's not a $100 lower, but it all depends what the Cerakote is worth to you.

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if you want to nitpick

if you want to nitpick forged>billet

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Depends how you're looking at

Depends how you're looking at it. In terms of strength, but not a "custom design"

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