Foregrip-Best Tactical Vertical folding Picatinny Rail Foregrip fits AR15 - $15.99 + FSSS*

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-Solid Mount on Rail
-HighestQuality Material Available
-Holds Up To Heavy Usage
ComfortableSolid Mount that will increase control, stability of your aim andcomfortable grip that Lasts.
The Tactical VerticalForegrip by Aspen Ridge Sports is a solidly constructed foregrip thatwill give you years of reliability on your rifle or shotgun.
TheTactical Vertical Forgrip is constructed of solid composite materialdesign to handle the abuse expected of any modern sporting rifle orshotgun. This foregrip was designed to handle the shock from shootinghundreds of rounds and still be mounted tightly on you rifle or shotgunwhile increasing the comfort of your wrist from the position of theForegrip
-Ergonomic Handle thatprovides a comfortable grip to steady you rifle or shotgun
-BatteryCompartment that stores extra batteries to support flashlights or RedDot Scope
-Pressure Switch Area to mount yourswitch so you can activate your light or laser without taking your handof the Foregrip
-With a Foregrip your hand willalways be in the same position versus a traditional rifle.
TheOnly Foregrip Backed By A 5 Year No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee
Clickthe Add To Cart Button at the Top of the Page to own your own TacticalVertical Foregrip

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Why so many down votes? Over

Why so many down votes? Over $80 off original price and some good product reviews.

2 votes
2 votes
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Because its stupid.

Because its stupid.

3 votes
6 votes

It isn't just a basic

It isn't just a basic adjustable fore grip?

3 votes
0 votes
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I guess. Adjustable for what

I guess. Adjustable for what reason? Personally I see no use for a VFG, but I am not clearing rooms daily. I don't see what an adjustable VFG does for you, but hey....I have seen dumber things on rifles.

2 votes
6 votes
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So you can store it in your

So you can store it in your gun case or safe and not buy a new case.

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0 votes

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